Thursday, May 6, 2010

Walking, Flipping, Dance, Digging, Scouts, and Sleep

Jason and I went for a walk again yesterday. It was nice, and he sang almost the full 45 minutes we were out. My legs are still a little tired this morning, sad!

Duncan and Tori have decided they can do flips on the tramp. Duncan is a little more coordinated at this point, but Tori is really trying.

Samantha had Ballet and Tap tonight. She really enjoys her class. The girls only have a few weeks until their recital.

Brett did some more digging and bought himself a double sided ax so that the can chop through some of the roots so much fun!!

I have put Jason's mattress on the floor by my side of the bed. He has been sharing our bed for so long it's pretty miserable. So hopefully we can train him to stay on his mattress and then work our way out the door and into his room. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!!

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