Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ice Cream with the Girls

Because Tori was such an AWESOME babysitter for me while Duncan had his Wrestling Tournament I took them to get ice cream.  I was only going to take Tori, but she insisted I bring Sam as well. I took them to Baskin Robbins.  This is not the newest most expensive ice cream place.  This is where my parents took us for ice cream.  At least it was either Baskin Robbins or Arctic Circle where you sat on the saddles by the mirror.  Gotta love sharing traditions and my time with my sweet girls!

Check out my handsome kid!

This was from the Halloween Concert.  I have too many electronic devises that take pictures.  My Mother-in-Law says he looks just like a picture that she has of Grandpa Lutz when he was in the army.  We'll have to get a copy of it.  As a Mother however, I hope to never see my boy in a real one of these uniforms.


Duncan had a wrestling tournament on December 10th.  He did pretty good for it being his first one.  There was a group that had to have registered all there kids as beginners, but they weren't...The one kid that was obviously a beginner Duncan won the match.  Here they are!

He took 3rd place in his weight class.  He was quite proud of himself.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Decorating the Christmas Tree

The kids had fun decorating the tree again.  Well the girls did. I had to make Duncan help.  Jason was naked so the goal was to get good wholesome pictures.  I did fail on quite a few, but here are the clean ones.  =)

Asthma Sucks!!

Jason had a pretty severe case of Asthma on December 8th.  I called the doctor and asked them to call in a steroid for him, and of course they wanted to see him.  Rude......

I brought him in and the Doctor walked into the room.....I took this video of him while waiting for her.    She looked at the way he was breathing and then called in for the pulse-ox meter.  He had a 91% saturation level.  I had already given him one dose of Albuterol with the nebulizer before I got there, but she wanted a second one given.  He opened up pretty good, but his numbers were still 91.  She said, "Would he keep a monitor on?"  Of course he won't!  So she didn't send us to the hospital.  She wanted to see him back in 3 hours.  So I spent the day in and out of the doctors office.  Then I borrowed a pulse-ox meter from my Awesome friend Angie.  His levels never rose above 91%.  I brought him in to the doctor the next morning and his numbers were 93%.  He did start perking up.  Eventually the Flo-vent kicked in and his Asthma has for the most part been under control.  Winter air in Utah isn't very good......=(

My boy

Jason has been such a Mama's Boy lately.  It's cute and annoying all at the same time.  I thought this was cute so I took a picture.  He was under my feet as I was working.  It made me giggle just a little bit.

Another Braille Prentation

December 5th Tori got to do another Braille presentation.  Since you have seen 4 of them already I just posted the pictures I took.  Tori is a good little teacher and she enjoys being infront of the class.

With Samantha I had to go and help move her along, Tori kept things moving and made sure everyone had a turn.   
Good Job Baby!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Blustery Day

There was a crazy couple of days in Davis County.  I believe it was the 1st of December....but I really can't remember.  We wind was insane.  Jason wouldn't sleep.  It didn't matter that I gave him his sleeping meds.  It didn't matter that 2 hours later I gave him some Melatonin.  It didn't matter that two more hours later he was given Melatonin.  It didn't matter that two more hours later I gave him some Melatonin.  At about 5:30am we gave him 1/2 of a pill of his sleeping meds and the little bugger finally gave in.  It was like he had restless body syndrome.  He would lay down and his whole body would shake.  The wind was crazy!!!  I think they said it got up to 120 miles an hour in Centerville.  There was quite a bit of damage around us.  So many trees uprooted.  It was nuts!!!  It was really weird to see the National Gaurd driving around with huge amounts of wood on military vehicles.

We didn't have it too bad.  Just a few torn up shingles.  I told Brett I would get up on the roof and help him fix them, but he wouldn't have it.  It was the closest I've ever seen him to having an anxiety attack.

Thanks Babe!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

December 1st 2011

My girls decided they wanted to make beds out of some boxes I had been holding on to.  At first they wanted them to be bunk beds.  I had to explain that the one in the bottom box really wouldn't like being squished.  I'm not sure how well they slept, but they thought they were pretty neat.

Duncan didn't want to sleep downstairs alone so he slept on the couch.  =)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Duncan and Dad

On Thanksgiving Brett and John made plans to take the boys shooting.  It was quite the day.  All the boys enjoyed there time together.  I love that my husband will do this kind of thing with his boy.  Anytime spent he spends with Duncan is valuable time.  

I made Brett bring the camera so Duncan had to take it over.  He's such a goof ball!!!


Thanksgiving as always was fun and family filled.  We didn't leave the house until about 1:00pm.  We headed up to Grandma Siddoway's for a "small" family gathering.  The whole clan was not able to make it this year, but we were VERY grateful for those that were able to.

Grandma and my nieces had fun making some Oreo turkeys.  The girls thought they were very cute.  Jason just wanted to eat the candy corn off them.  It was kind of entertaining to watch him try to grab the feathers off of as many turkeys as possible.

We were assigned to bring the rainbow jello again this year.  Brett quite enjoys making this and I think it's fun to watch him do it.  I have no patience for this type of thing.  =)

Jason was very uninterested in Thanksgiving.  He and Alaric understand each other.  They just hung out on the couch with their electrical devises and ignored the crowd.

 Duncan was being annoying for some reason.  Probably just the fact that he's going to be a full fledged teenager soon.  I told him that he was going to have to run to Grandma Child's house after dinner.  He smiled and said "OK".  I gave him permission and this was the picture I got of him as we drove past.  I did make Brett go back and follow him.  I made the jaunt to the Siddoway home from mine many....many times when I was young, but my Mom always made me take the back ways.  Not the main road.  The psycho paranoid part of me couldn't help but worry about him.

Uncle Jeff and Aunt Berrie were playing Rock Band when we got to Grandma Child's.  Jason couldn't help but watch.

And of course I had to video tape it.  He is such a cute kid.  =)  Tori is the one in the background "helping" Livie sing.