Thursday, September 22, 2011

September 17th

We have never had an official Birthday Party for Jason. I know....I dropped the ball. I'm just not good at throwing parties. So unless the kids actually ask for one, I've avoided them like the plague. Since it's been such a good summer the pool was still open close to his birthday. We decided to have a swimming party at Grandma and Grandpa Siddoway's. Jason LOVES swimming, I thought even if he doesn't get it he will like swimming.

Alaric is Jason's buddy. When Alaric was told about the party he was so excited he'd be able to be there. Gotta love this kid!!
Jason loves candles. I'm not sure this is a good thing. =) Every time he hears the Happy Birthday song he comes running. I love the look on his face.
He took about 3 bites of cake and then wanted to go swimming.
The best part of presents was peeling the wrapping paper off. That made waiting for swimming bearable.

One of his aunts bought him stickers. As you can see....he loves them!
We finally convinced him to come swimming. Sticker peeling left his head after a little while.
Samantha loved having all her cousins in the pool.
My silly girls.
Duncan wanted to be a grown up but wanted to play with the kids as well. He couldn't make up his mind.
Alaric spun Jason around, and around. He thinks Alaric is pretty cool.
A good crowd came out to celebrate my sweet boy.

My kids always have to race. This time they did it with someone on their backs.
Duncan was showing off.
Right before the mass jump in.
Jason stripped naked in the pool, and ran up to jump on the trampoline. FREEDOM!!!
I love my silly boy!!!!
After the party Grandpa and Brett helped Duncan pin bugs for his bug collection. I couldn't stand it!! Those bugs in the box better stay at school!!!!
Right after bug pinning, Duncan had a soccer game. I love it when there is a play ground at the soccer field.

Duncan had an awesome game! I really think he might be picking up on the game. I just wish he'd show a little more passion, or be done. =)

September 16th

Tori had her eye appointment with Dr. Bernstein on the 16th. I had to call 3 or 4 times just to get through to the doctors office. Once I got through they set me up with an appointment pretty quick.
As always Tori took everything in stride. The monkey even didn't eat breakfast just in case she had to have surgery that day. However, everything is fine. Dr. Bernstein said her retinas look good, and nothing to worry about. I asked him about the lattice degeneration that the other Doctor saw and he said, "I see what he was talking about but it's really not degeneration, more like scar tissue." So she's good for now.

"Dr. Lisa" called and let us know that Duncan's blood work came back fine. His blood cell count was fine, his arthritis numbers were normal. He did have some high numbers on one of the tests, I don't remember what it was, but basically you can have these numbers if you don't stretch out well before you run. So she wanted us to get x-ray's taken. We headed over to Lakeview and had another first for him. As a matter of fact Jason was the only kid we have had to have x-rayed before this one. Of course they sent us home to let us know that the X-ray doctor would contact our doctor.

September 14th

Jason had a follow up appointment with "Dr. Lisa". I quick rundown of Jason showed that his allergy educed asthma had turned into Pneumonia. Well at least that was the consensus. He wouldn't let us leave the pulse-ox reader on his finger and the baby reader just doesn't quite work on his fat toes. So he was put on an antibiotic for 5 days and is doing much better.
I had discussed with Lisa at Relief Society some issues that Duncan is having with his legs and she wanted me to get an appointment for him. So this appointment really went from a follow up appointment for Jason to an appointment for Duncan.She checked him out. Felt for bumps looked for bruises. Looked at the way he stands. All ok, for the most part. So she sent us for blood work.
Yes....I'm an awesome Mom. I recorded his first blood draw experience.

September 13th

Jason had a huge day for therapy. We saw O.T. Julia and Speech Therapist Greg. We talked about he's doing and what new goals we should work on.

O.T. we talked about finding things that will help Jason sit still and join us for dinner. Also, potty training. We'll see how that goes.

Speech we talked about trying new things. More sign language.

It was a long day and both Jason and I were exhausted.

September 7th

I know it's out of order!!! Jason started Pre-school!!! He is at a new school. It just happens to be the one I went the whole time I was in Elementary School. So it's weird to be bringing my kid there, but familiar all at the same time.

September 12th

The only thing of note that I remember is I finished my training. I was able to go home and set up my work and get started!!!

Saturday September 10th

I woke up the morning and realized that the world was crazy!! Brett was at Bountiful Baskets, an every weekend kind of thing. He'd taken the van for obvious reasons. Duncan had been invited to go wake boarding with his buddy, and he advised me he needed a lunch. I jumped up and ran to the park to get the van and go get him a lunch. By the time I got home he had already left.

Samantha had been invited to two birthday parties. She was so excited she could hardly stand it. As soon as I got home she was telling me she needed to go get birthday presents. Since I wasn't 100% what time her parties were at I decided it was better to get them then to not. So we ran to the store and picked out some presents.

I thought the insanity was over when Tori advised us on the way out the door that she was seeing a weird spot. The way she described it really didn't sound like a "floater". She said when she moved her vision it stayed consistent in the same line of sight. Well not her words but that's how I took it.

I called the On-Call and advised him Dr. Bernstein was her doctor and she had Sticklers Syndrome. Two magic words and we were in to see the on-call at 1:00 pm.

We got there and of course had to wait to dilate her eyes.

Then she is the best patient and the world!! She is no trouble what so ever.The doctor said her retinas are flat and attached beautifully. He did however see some Lattice that is common in Sticklers patients. He said she was fine but needed to see Dr. Bernstein in the next couple of weeks.

Duncan then had a soccer game. Tori of course had to wear here awesome sunglasses!
The boys lost again. It was cold and windy, but they did have fun. Again we saw some good things happening.

Jason fell asleep! Something wasn't quite right with this picture.

Friday September 9th

This day started out on the sad side. Our friends Funeral was that morning. We dropped Jason off at the In-Laws and Brett, Duncan and I went to the church. We stood in line for the viewing. We just happened to sit next to the Stake President. He's a sweet man, but he just also happened to be the the Sunday before when I was a boobing mess!! When we got into the Relief Society room Duncan hunted out his buddy who was in the corner with a few of his friends who were playing on their iPhone. Duncan stole his Dad's phone so he didn't feel left out.

We of course hugged my sweet friend and her sweet daughter and made our way back to the chapel. I was asked to conduct the music so I had to sit up front. I asked my family to join me up front. I learned quickly that there is no way to not cry so just let it go. Besides most people don't pay attention to the chorister anyway....=)

Side note: Duncan's friend Curtis asked his older brother why he wasn't crying. He responded "Because I'm too entertained by watching Duncan boobing.." Ya the poor kid must take after his Mother.

Later that evening Duncan had his first soccer game of the season. They were slaughtered. You could see the boys slowly deflating. There were definitely some good things happening though.
I don't have to yell at Duncan to keep running quite as often as I used to.
The girls and Jason played on the play ground for just about the whole game. Towards the end we say Tori trying to drag Jason around the field. Grandpa Siddoway jogged around to pick him up. Once he got moving he continued moving.
After the game it was time for Family Movie Night. Duncan decided he didn't have to visit his old school so all the boys stayed home. Brett dropped us off and the girls and I had a ball.

Waiting in line for some dinner. Hot Dogs and chips.
Gotta have popcorn and snow cones.
My sweet girl. Well at least she can be sweet sometimes....
Tori and her friend. I love seeing her interact with her friends.
This is quite the fun night. What could be better then watching a movie outside.We walked home in the light of the moon. Quite a fun evening.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Past Due Posting

I can't believe September is so close to being over already. Seesh!!!! I started typing up this blog entry and it got put aside. So now I'm finishing it!

The 6th of September was a CRAZY day!!! I had an appointment to apply for SSI at 9:04am. It was really just feeling out the application in front of a Social Security worker. That was a shorter meeting than I anticipated, but it didn't free up my day any. I had to go to my training, which I anticipated being late for. After my training I had Jason's IEP. This was the longest IEP meeting I've had to date.

Jason's old teacher was there along with his new teacher. We went over his new goals and health plan. I think his new teacher is just that....a NEW teacher. She said she had worked in a school for kids with Autism before, but I think this is her first official post. She had originally started going to school to be an Occupational Therapist and changed her mind, to become a teacher. So that is something in her favor for working with Jason. I'm really excited to have Jason work with this Speech Therapist. She is very excited to use whatever means necessary to help him start communicating. She said she wants to use Sign Language, Speech, and PECS. Whatever will help him to communicate in anyway. She might be getting us a touch screen so he can use his teach town program at home more effectively. I'm hopeful for this year but am going to hold off on a complete judgment for a few months.

Duncan then had soccer practice. Since we are a one car family this day required us borrowing a vehicle. Thank goodness it was available!!! Brett and I dropped Jason and Samantha off at the In-Laws borrowed the truck, and then took Duncan to soccer practice and Tori went with him. She is starting Orchestra this year so she had her Orchestra Orientation that evening. So Brett got to bring Tori and Duncan over to the High School.

The reason that Brett had to do all that running around instead of splitting it up, was I got to sing in Relief Society that evening. I was supposed to put together a group but.....well there is an explanation on the video. I know I'm cheesy. I recorded myself singing. I figure most of the time this blog is about the kids so I've gotta throw me in there sometimes. By the time this day was over I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

Labor Day

Labor Day was a pretty mellow day. At least for me. Duncan went up to Gary's (Brett's cousin) and helped him with a sprinkler line and some sod. We left him there and went up to my parents house. My Mother wants a table for her birthday and so I thought it would be a good project for Brett to help with.
The kids just had fun hanging out. Gotta love playing in the sand.
My poor Dad lost all of his tomatoes that were in the house. I think Jason ate about 6 while they were in the garage.
Here is a shot of the legs. My Dad has never done this kind of work before. So, it was fun for both of them.
Gotta love my sweet boy. Even when he's covered in tomato juice!!!