Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Saw it on Pinterest

I've decided, as you can tell, to play with some of the pins on pinterest.  Here is the link to this hat.  It wasn't my favorite when finished.  Probably because my head was too big for it.  It looked cute on Tori, and I think she lost it the third day she wore it.  =)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Playing Catch Up January 31st

We went to Kangaroo Zoo with Jason's Preschool on the 31st.  Sitting outside was crazy, and all the kids were dying to get inside.  Jason was freaking out because I got there a little too early.

Once he got inside it was hard to hold him back.  

He loves that place!

He could bounce and slide and climb all day.

Until he gets tired, and then he finds a little crevasse to climb into.

And then he's right back up the slide, and being naughty by climbing on the wrong part of the slide.

He enjoys it all and is very content.

And then he found the snack bar.  And they have a nice plexi-glass front so you can see EVERYTHING that is in there.

And that was the end of Kangaroo Zoo for us.

Playing Catch up Samantha's Science Fair Project

Samantha didn't tell us about her Science Fair Project until the night before.  She is struggling with the idea of homework.  Brett was the miracle man and helped her put it together.

She tested different airplanes and their flight ability.  Here is her weighing the paper.

Folding paper airplanes.

Throwing them down the hall to see how far they would go.

She was so happy to have it done!

This is a panoramic of her room.

And this is my sweet Sam with her science fair project thanks to her Dad.

I saw it on Pinterest

I decided to try these to have in the fridge for breakfast.  I found it on pinterest, and here's the original link.

I didn't add chives.  I don't really like them.  I also knew the kids wouldn't like them either.  I would recommend that you use thicker cuts of meat.  The thinner sandwich meat over cooked a little.

before the oven.

after I cooked them.

It was yummy.  I enjoyed it.  Even Tori and Sam liked them.

Playing Catch Up January 29th

January 29th was a day I thought I'd end up taking Jason to the hospital.  He had a nasty flu, and I couldn't get him to eat or drink anything. I freaked my Mom out by posting that on Facebook. 
 But my sweet friend Jana brought me a Mt. Dew because of it, so I was ok.  =)
 He had about 50 baths in 3 days.

But something clicked and he decided he was hungry and thirsty.  And he started feeling better.

He didn't really leave my side that three days.

He even let me get him dressed and ate dinner.

The flu sucks!!

Playing Catch Up January 28th

My very sweet husband once again took a suggestion of mine and made it happen.  My sister gave us her bunk beds, and we took out the bottom bunks slats and put the love sack in it.  I hopes that Jason would use it as a bed.  

He loved to lay in it for a while, but really doesn't care about it now.  Well ya gotta try.  It's your duty.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Winter Band and Orchestra Concert.

Duncan had his winter band concert.  The original one for the parents was snowed out, and then they did a lunch concert for the kids.  Jason was sick so yes the video is ridiculously bouncy.  Sorry!!!  

But I do have a very sweet boy who loves his baby brother.

Catching Up January 27th

Sunday with a new suit.

Jason was sick.  He really felt TERRIBLE this time.  This boy doesn't fall asleep on his own.

He doesn't lay still for anything.

And he NEVER looks like this.

Playing Catch Up January 26th

Church ball is always entertaining!  

Playing Catch Up January 25th

 Tubby Time.

New Tires

Baking fun.

Playing Catch Up January 24th

Another Eye Doctor appt, for the girls.  They were watching the tv.  

Tori just snuggling while eyes dilate.

Tori got new glasses this day.

And then Jason actually fell asleep.  This winter was cold.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Playing Catch Up January 23rd

Apparently Wedensday's are my big picture day.  Jason loves his big brother, can you tell?

Aunt Leslie trys to include Jason in the day and was playing with him.  They played ball, and she tickled him.  He's my sweet boy!

Art lessons were "Use your Imagination".  I loved Sam's bird.  She makes me smile!

Tori had Young Women in Excellence and she got to speak on the importance of Personal Progress.  She wasn't nervous at all.

That evening Duncan went snow shoeing for scouts.  He really didn't want to go, it was pretty cold.  He does have snow clothes so I made him.  He wasn't happy when he got back, especially when I told him I wanted a picture in his nice coat.  So I had to get in the picture and make him smile too.  

Playing Catch Up January 21st

Papa Child made some Hot Cocoa.  I don't think Jason even knew what hot cocoa was, but he sure loved the mixer.

The girls were and still are obsessed with My Little Pony/Dr. Who.  I know weird. 

Brett found some online bass lessons, and has improved his bass skills quite a bit.  Can't let Duncan pass him up.  =) 

Playing Catch Up January 19th

A rare date night for Brett and I.  I don't remember what we saw I don't remember who had the kids.  =)