Sunday, October 23, 2011

September 28th

Jason had another eye appointment with Dr. Dries. The last one he had, he wouldn't let Dr. Dries even come near his eyes. So we came back to see if maybe things would work out.
I loved this! I can't tell you how many times we have walked past this display without Jason even noticing it. That day he paid attention!!
To see if we could get something out of the appointment I gave Jason a sedative to knock him out. However this still didn't work. He still fought the doctor. His suggestion was to make sure to check his eye sight every day by covering one eye and then the other and see if he starts fighting me. Than if he ever has anything that he is under anesthesia for to let him know and he'll run down and check his retinas. Hopefully someday he will stop fighting the doctor.

September 26th

Nothing too exciting happened this day. I did take a picture of Jason walking to the car, because he has started actually walking to the car. He will the car. He will walk to his side, and wait for me to get there. This is a HUGE step for us. He used to just keep going....keep running....keep skipping. Now he has purpose!!!

September 24th

September 24th was a busy day! put it bluntly....has been struggling with adjusting to 7th grade. He has come home with some less than perfect grades. For no other reason but that he's not turning in his homework. So for extra credit in Gym he decided he needed to run the school 5k. Since Brett had a goal to run a 5k this year, he decided he'd run it with him. Here is his blog post about the experience.

Than Brett took Duncan to Boot Camp with him. This is in his blog post.

Later that Afternoon, Duncan had a soccer game. Needless to say, Duncan was exhausted after this day was over. It's a good thing he has a good Dad who will do things with him. =)

My sweet and beautiful girls taking Jason to the playground.
Yes....he does play a lot of soccer right now.
When we got home from the game, I was late for the General Relief Society meeting. I decided to head down anyway and listen to what I could. It was definitely worth it! I love President Uchtdorf. He is such a great man. Here is the link to his talk.

First School Dance

Not that I got any pictures. I REALLY would have loved to been a fly on the wall. Duncan had his first school dance. He was so excited he could barely stand it. He told me to come pick him up at 3:00pm. When I got there the dance was still going on. You cannot believe how tempted I was to sneak in and see if I could find him. I was so proud of myself.....I waited....and waited....and waited.....The kids started pouring out of the gym.....I waited.....and waited.....and waited.....still no Duncan. I wanted to go run around the school and find out how the dance went....but I waited.....and waited.....and waited.......soon my Mother instincts started going crazy and I started freaking out......about 3:30pm, I left the school and started for home without my son. I called home frantic hoping he might pick up the phone. The little bugger did!!!!

Needless to say, it took me a little while to calm down. It also took me a little while to find out that he danced with the girl he wanted to dance with, and since he was successful he decided to head for home. At least he felt the day was a success.....and I still have a son. =)

September 23rd

My awesome Visiting Teachers met me at McDonald's for a drink on the 23rd. It was a friday and a much needed day out. I have forgotten the cabin fever you get when working from home. It's been so long since I've been in a McDonald's that I can't believe how fast Jason can cruise up and down the tubes.

September 21st

I was able to sub in Jason 's class on the 21st of September. It was really fun, to see how much progress he is making. He actually will sit still through circle time! An amazing accomplishment I was never sure would happen.

He was a little funny about recess. I really likes the benches that surround the play ground.

Of course as always he was ready to leave. He was just thrilled to take my hand and run.....=)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Baby

I can't believe my baby is 4 years old.

The things Jason likes: Running, jumping, spinning, swinging, swimming, being naked, eating paint and paper, quesadilla's, apples, oranges, cookies, chips, Ipad, Ipods, Credits, puzzles.

He is my sweet baby. He hugs and kisses me all day.

Love you baby!!!!

The things we do for Jason

Jason will not sleep in his room. My body has been aching!! Between the dumb dog and Jason Brett and I have not been I moved Jason's bed in my room. Brett isn't totally thrilled with it, but at least I can scoot over if the bed get way to crowded!!!

September 20th

Duncan had been complaining a lot about his leg. We've even had some run in's with school because of it....don't ask......

First we had an appointment with Lisa to see what she thought about it. She looked at his leg, and poked and prodded. Where he hurt wasn't a normal place to hurt so she wanted to have his blood drawn.

When that didn't yield anything we had to have an x-ray taken.

That showed that he had a stress fracture.

So I set up an appointment with a sports med doctor to see what should be done.

Once again they took x-rays and this is what they found.

He has Osgood-Slaughters and has to be careful in his playing. When his leg hurts he has to sit it out. So far so good. He's only had a few issues. So all is well.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

September 18th

I love my sister!!! She has taken our family picture 3 times since July. Now the big question is, which ones to have her put onto canvas!!???!!??