Thursday, May 27, 2010


My 2:00am bedtime is really not working for me. I'm trying to just take care of the kids and be a Mom because Jason doesn't like me to work. However I've gone to bed every night at 2:00am. Then I'm not able to move in the morning. I did get up to do hair and then promptly fell back to sleep. Thank goodness no destruction occurred this morning. Jason mainly sat on top of me. It's amazing how I can sleep through just about anything.

There was a very long train that ran by the house today. I checked on Jason and he was looking out his window. I'm glad it was a long train or I wouldn't have got this picture.

Duncan and Tori had their water fight at school today. If they meet their AR goal they get to have a water fight during PE. Samantha will get to have hers tomorrow.

Tori had her 4th grade program. She did AWESOME!!! She sang a solo and also sang in the a small choir. She was so relaxed during her solo, I was quite impressed. She sounded beautiful. She hit every note right on, and didn't seem to even care that she was singing to a huge room full of people. I think she has a future. We'll have to get her to sing a solo or two in church. The kids favorite part of the program was 3 boys lip syncing "16 tons". Tori has talking about that all week. Here are the videos. I hope you enjoy!!

As a side note, I ended up with a stow away in my van on the way to the program. I told the kids to hurry and get in the car, I wanted to get good seats so that I could record Tori's solo. Tori giggled all the way to school. I asked her if she was nervous. To which she promptly replied, "No!" I assumed she was just dealing with the butterfly's in her stomach. I stopped at a stop sign and Curtis, Duncan's friend, popped up out from behind the back seats. He ended up staying and helping Duncan torment Tori. They just couldn't resist making her laugh.

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