Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dance pictures and the Fathers and Son's

Jason and I pretty much hung out on Friday. I took this picture as proof that I do give him a bath.
Then the girls had dance pictures. That was quite the trial. I forgot Tori's Jazz paints, and Samantha's shoes. I had to run home after dropping them off, so that they'd be there if I missed anything. Then when I got back to the school I realized Jason was stinky. I didn't bring the diaper bag. So Brett had to come pick up Jason bring him home to be changed, and get ready for the father's and sons.

I gave Duncan the Flip camera so he could take pictures. Brett is not very good at taking pictures. He forgets. So the video that is uploaded to Photobucket is all Duncan's doing. It's quite entertaining.


Grandpa Sid said...

Great video. Hope you guys washed your hands after handling the animal.

Hope you had a great time at Father and sons.

Love you

Grandpa Sid said...

Love the pictures. They are the best.