Friday, August 30, 2013

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This little picture went around when the new Young Women General Presidency was announced.
I decided to be one of the many LDS women to comment on it.

I love this! Not just because of the giggles that are sure to escape my lips. This picture brings to mind the story of Sleeping Beauty. When the evil witch breaks into the celebration the 3 good fairies put themselves in between Maleficent and the baby. Then they offer a solution of protection to the king and queen. The king and queen have no problem giving there precious baby over to these 3 good women. These women take Aurora and raise her as there own. The love her and care for her. The teach her and again LOVE her. When the inevitable spell puts Aurora to sleep the good fairies go after Prince Philip and help him defeat the evil maleficent that has turned into an evil Dragon.

I'm sure the thought of being compared to the 3 good fairies might not be something these 3 women ever thought would happen. I'm sure that these positions have caused much anxiety and stress. But they are willing to LOVE my girls. They are willing to teach my girls. They are willing to put themselves between my girls and evil. How can I do anything but LOVE them for what they are willing to do. Thank you sisters!!!!

Playing Catch Up April 30th

I went over to get the kids for dinner.  They were playing at their friends houses.  I found Samantha making mud pies.

I found Duncan passing the foot ball back and forth across the street.  The etertaining part of this story is that he had me cut the sleeves off his t-shirt so he could be cool.  Not like "I'm sweating I need to cool down." like "I'm so amesome, I'm so cool!"

Playing Catch Up April 29th

Jason had special needs primary and it was a farm party.

He had this sock in his mouth the whole time.  I don't know why....I didn't want to even bother taking it away from him.

He actually pet the goat.

He got to play cowboy.

The sweet Primary President tried so hard to get him to let me sit.

He did bend over and bet the bunny eventually.

Playing Catch Up April 28th

Jason hates church!  He struggles going.  He has to sit still, there are a million people, he has to be quiet.  Jason hates church.  And this day was just way too much for my sweet little monkey.

The day before we had borrowed the in-laws truck, so I was driving it back to Brett's folks.  I got pulled over for no registration.  My incredulity for not having it registered seemed to come across as genuine so I was able to get a ticket and go to the in-laws instead of having it impounded.  Duncan was bringing his guitar everywhere so I was serenaded through the whole process.

Playing Catch Up April 27th

Jason has become very Mama attached.  I guess he likes me.  He was holding my arm and wouldn't let go.

Brett repainted our door.  We were deciding on a different color but that is how Samantha describes our house.  "You know...the one with the green door."

Jason went for a ride with Grandpa Child.  This is the first time he rode on the back of the bike.  He came back though....=)

Again...Jason loving the porch swing.

The girls planted flowers.

We went to the dump and saw this head in a garbage can.  It gave me a good laugh.

We then went to Grandma Siddoway's and poor Brett got to spin Jason over and over and over again.  This video shows how he communicates.

Playing Catch Up April 26th

With Grandma's permission we picked up some of Grandpas fence projects.  Brett put them together for me as a Bird Condo.  These make me smile everytime I see them.

I also took the wishing well.  I love it!

Samantha's fourth grade program

She was the most beautiful 4th grader at the program.

Playing Catch Up April 24th

Jason had quite a few melt downs during this period of time.  I don't know if it was medicine, school, sensory.  It is pretty hard to deal with him when he's like this.  He really doesn't do it very often.

Playing Catch Up April 23rd

Good morning Mom!


We went to Grandma Wilson's to pick up her old patio furniture.  Jason loves the porch swings.

We also loves to swing in general.

So does Samantha.

We had a great day this day.  We went to the in-laws and he dropped his popsicle stick on the floor.  Brett said, "He dude! Go to trash." He stopped mid-run and turned around and threw it in the garbage.  That would have made my day, but when he decided he wanted to go to the neighbors to swing I told him he needed shoes.  He went around to the other side of the van, where he had taken them off, and tried to put them on.  I almost cried.  It's amazing the little things you see when progression is so slow.

Playing Catch Up April 22nd

Another visit to the Chiropractor.  We tried but didn't see the same results as the first one.  He really needs the stress relief but not the constant chiropractor visits.

Playing Catch Up April 20th

Brett painted the posts and had to put a cover over them.  Duncan got to hold the ladder.

Duncan fixed my Grandpa's bird house for me.  
It was very sweet since he knows how much they mean to me.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Playing Catch Up April 18th

Jason and I drove to Ogden for an appointment with the Psychiatrist.  He loved their metal window sills.

Then we went to a field trip at the bowling alley.  We got there a little early so we ran around the arcade.

Jason loves bowling, but after a while he was just done.

But I made him finish the game. He won of course.

That evening it was just the four of us so we went to try Five Guys Burgers.  It was good, but so many calories.

Playing Catch Up April 17th

I finally took Jason to Cookie Cutters to get his hair cut.  They have seats....with seat belts.

Samantha brought me flowers.  She loved that spring was on it's way.

I tried running with Jason.  He laughed every time we started running, until his asthma kicked in.

Playing Catch Up April 16th

Tori had her first performance of Your a Good Man Charlie Brown.  We had tickets to the show another day so we didn't see the opening night, but she was so excited!

She was mortified at the amount of make-up I put on her.  She thought she looked rediculous.  However she was singing a different tune when she came home.  The director was using stage make-up to add to the other kids and when she saw Tori she said, "Oh...your good."  Maybe Mom isn't crazy after all.

Dick and Brett worked so hard.  They really do make everything look easy.

Here's Lucy's booth that Dick made.

Brett's bus

Brick wall.  Without fail boys will be boys and they think they are so funny.  They had to show everyone that they were lifting a brick wall and that it was so heavy.

Snoopy's dog house.

Schroders red piano that Brett and Dick both worked on.  Tori reminded everyone that it was red.

As soon as everything was moved on stage the girl playing snoopy jumped right on top.  Thankfully Dick made sure that it would hold.  Jason of course loves the stage and had to take off as soon as we let go of his hand.

Playing Catch Up April 15th

I took Jason to the chiropractor again that day.  He ran right into the exam room, and right on the table.  Every time he saw the doctor he would give him hugs.  He loves the chiropractor.  I guess it's time to take him back...

We started going to Special Needs Primary and Jason got a snake.  We made it about 30 minutes that first day, and we will be attending again soon.

That evening we were at Grandma's and Grandpa's and Jason had a meltdown for some reason.  I love Grandpa Siddoway, he always jumps in where he's needed.

Playing Catch Up April 11th

Tori and Samantha got "new" beds and so their old beat up mattresses were going to the dump. The kids thought the mattresses being outside was awesome!

I tried to take a picture of the little kids, but Duncan had to get in the way.

This is what they were doing.  I loved that Jason was actually in the middle of everything.

They played on those old mattresses for about an hour.

After the little ones were called inside, Duncan and his friends use the spray paint on the box springs and then attacked it with his swords.  Yes...he has swords...but they all had fun with the old mattresses in my yard. 

What can I was white trash heaven that day.