Monday, May 17, 2010

Church and Grandma Childs

Not too much occurred yesterday. Jason got up at his usual time. The other kids were downstairs watching t.v. The only difference is I got up to take care of Jason instead of Brett. He slept until about 10:30am. He never sleeps this late so I'm sure he needed it. Probably spawned from sleeping on the ground Friday night.

We went to church and had a great lesson on the prophets out of the gospel principles book. Our teacher is very good and always prepared. Then during Sunday School Brett decided he needed to meet with the pianist for the choir and discuss the practice that would be after church. Neither one of them really knows the music that they are supposed to be performing soon. In the middle of class Samantha's teacher poked his head in and there was Sam tears in her eyes. Sadly I knew it was nothing. So I got up and asked what was going on. She got her feelings hurt. Her poor teacher said they hadn't been doing anything that should have gotten her feelings hurt. They were just playing Simon Says. She has two men teachers. They really don't know how to deal with my Samantha. So I asked her what was going on after her teacher left her with me. She explained they had been playing Simon Says and Olivia was talking so she couldn't hear very well, so she got out. So Olivia hurt her feelings. REALLY?????? I told her she could go back to class or sit with me. She chose to sit with me. Then during sacrament Jason decided that he really didn't want to be there so we spent the first 10 minutes in the foyer. Brett of course was up on the stand to lead the music so the other kids were by themselves on the bench. Samantha was on one so she was under the bench playing with a 1 year old that had climbed under there too. The problem with that is Samantha CANNOT be quiet. So I went back to sit down hoping that Jason would be good. I did remember some snacks in the diaper bag so that helped him behave. Samantha however wanted to get up and run around. So she had to sit next to me in hopes that she would behave there. She was only slightly better. Brett had choir practice after church so I left Duncan with him and went home to fix rice for dinner.

We went to my Mom's for tacos. Within five minutes of us being there, Jason had dumped red punch on his new white shirt. I knew I should have changed his clothes. He went shirtless after that. Everything else was pretty uneventful. We played a little soccer, and I got to hold some babies. Gotta love holding babies.

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Grandpa Sid said...

Sounds like a typical day for you. Give Sami a big hug from Grandma. Give the other ones a hug too. Tell them we love them.