Monday, August 13, 2012

Aug 13

sunday night Samantha lost her first molar. Strange, she is growing up so quickly.   

Since our refrigerator stopped working we got a new one.  In order to get the kitchen cleared I had to move the fridge outside.  Duncan and I are AWESOME.  He basically was my eyes, I advised him to move anytime I thought it might tumble, but it never did.  I do have an awesome bruise on my upper arm where the fridge would rest while I moved it, but I ROCK!! 

Jason kept hanging on my curtain rod in my bedroom.  Surprisingly they would sometimes hold him, so he would never know when they were going to fall.  since he is making it absolutly impossible to change in my room, I decided to make a curtain rod out of pipe and flanges.  Brett did it before he went to my Grandmother's house, but I could have done it myself.  =)

Jason wanted to go to Grandma's house.  He grabbed my hand and took me to the van, then sat patiently while I got the rest of the kids.  We went swimming even though he seemed to just want to hang out at the house.

Afterward he ran right over to the neighbors house.  He played on the swing set for a while, and then he saw our backyard.  I don't think he remembered it was there.

I caught him at the top of our gate.  He's been out the back about 12 times since.

Duncan has decided he's kindof in charge of Jason.  He's been trying to make him keep rules and stuff.  Jason has not been too happy about this.  He's beat Duncan up pretty good.  But they are pretty cute together.

I advised Duncan he needs to start wearing a shirt and head gear if he is going to discipline Jason.  That and when he's asleep tonight I need to clip his fingernails. 


I tried to curl my hair the previous Sunday using this method.  I wanted to try it on Tori, to see how easy it was and if it would work.  I figured it would be an easy hairdo for Tori to do every once in a while for school.

It was quick and easy to do.  The only thing we needed to worry about was whether her hair dried.

This is what it looked like in the morning.  I think it turned out really cute.

Twins birthday party

We went to Max and Liv's Birthday party on Saturday.  Brett and I dropped the older three off and went to buy a new fridge. to us.  When we got back to the house they had the dunk tank out.  As soon as Jason realized that there was water in it he was all for it.  

McDonald's fries and a coke.

The other day I decided we needed to get out of the house.  Jason has been driving me nuts.  I'm not sure what is wrong with him.  We went to McDonald's to have a couple orders of fries and a drink.  I told Duncan to watch Jason while I was getting the food, and he just kind of nodded.  I told him that he really had to watch him, because he grabs other peoples food, if you aren't watching him.

As soon as I left the room, Duncan was out of the play place with Jason in his arms.  He was true to my word.  Duncan took him outside, until we had fries.

My kids love McDonald's.  I know.....they shouldn't.  But they do.  We don't go that often so I don't feel too bad about it.

Jason liked to lay under the bottom tier more then anything else.  Once again, he found a cage and enjoyed his time in it.

Preschool Open House

Jason also had a Pre-school open house.  The older two didn't want to come with us, but I bribed Sam with McDonald's so she came with me and helped with Jason.  She is such a sweet big sister.  We drove to South Weber Elementary.  I good half hour from the house.  This is where Jason will be attending school this year.  It's a fairly new school and the class room is very nice.  The aid's all remembered him from the previous day and his love of tomatoes.  One of them picked Jason up will he was eating/crumbling a cookie.  I was freaking out at the crumbs that he was getting all over her.  She smiled and said, "I've been doing this for 8 years now.  I understand and he's just fine."  What a relief that was.  To actually have people already understand my boy.  

I had to change his stinky bum, so I went into their bathroom which is actually attached to the room to do it.  Strangely there is a shower in the bathroom.  I don't know if they have bathing and cleaning in the curriculum, but they are going to struggle keeping Jason away from the shower.  He does know very well how to turn it on.

While I filled out paper work Samantha helped Jason for me.  Sometimes all you have to do is turn on water to keep him busy.

She helped get him to the car like a big girl.  Strange.  Sometimes I feel like she is tiny.

I found this on pinterist I think.  I get this statement, even though I'm not a single Mother.  Thankfully!!  

Orthodontist visit

Tori had an orthodontist appt and she had to have xray's done.  Her roots are all straight, and she had to have brackets repositioned, and now it's time to fix her bite.  She will be having to wear elastics 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  So much fun.....
She also had one of her front teeth longer then the other.  
He filled it down and now she has even teeth.  

Policies and procedures and sleepovers.

Jason and I went up to Ogden for his Policy and Procedures meeting.  We learned everything from the date he starts to where we meet the van that picks him up half way.  I'm excited for him to start, I think it will be so good for him.

Halfway through the meeting he got overwhelmed and so we brought him to a classroom where there were Teachers and Aids.  They had a potluck and Jason immediately went for the tomatoes that someone had brought in a veggie plate.  It made all in attendance giggle.  

Once again, I caught Jason eating toilet paper.  Two problems.  1. He's eating toilet paper.......  2. He's unrolling the toilet paper like he was 18 months and he's fighting me when I make him stop.  So much fun.

Duncan had a sleepover the evening before.  He crashed on the couch. 

When we got home from the meeting, Jason made sure he was awake.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 7th

Tuesday was a crazy day.  Jason's anxiety has been pretty intense lately.  He's driving me a little crazy.  But when you look at this sweet face, it's hard to not settle down to life and enjoy.

Until you realize he's been eating Toilet Paper.  He's obsessed with it.  I guess he really needs fiber?

He takes me out to the van when he wants to leave.  I'm pretty sure he wants me to take him to Grandma Siddoway's, but Monday, Tuesday, and Friday are my busy work days.  

When I tried to get him to go back in the house, he took off.  He wasn't going to let me do it take him into the house.  It was quite the wrestling match to get him back in the house.

I now am on the Relief Society Committee.  I got to go help set up and the girls got to babysit at the church.  We shared quick meals for the family.  It was a lovely dinner.

Duncan was watching Jason for me because Brett had to go help at Grandma's house again.  When it was over I needed his help with the chairs.  He brought Jason in nothing but a diaper.  So he enjoyed the sprinkler that was on and Duncan helped me out.

Elise called James to bring the car.  Brett had the van.  We fit all the chairs in their car.  Adventurous.

As I sat down to work after the day was over Tori sat down to practice her flute.  She's progressing.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sammy got mail

This came in the mail Monday. I'm so excited for Sams teacher this year. She is going to have a great year I think.

Jason and Duncan

after the reunion we went to my Mon's house. Dinner is important....;)

Jason was overwhelmed from the reunion/driving. He was a pill!! Duncan has decided that when im at my wits-end that he takes Jason. He's a sweet boy. He took him for a walk around the block. However, Jason had no intention of going back to Grandma Childs house. So Duncan tried to fight him. He got scratched instead. He finally let him walk up to there house.

Lutz Family Reunion

Sunday we missed church to go to the Lutz family reunion. Brett said there hasn't been one in about ten years.

We stopped at Grandma Siddoway's for snacks and a gift for a newly we'd couple. Jason didn't want to leave. He was very upset that we weren't going inside. The other kids were just excited to go visit Grandpa and Grandma Lutz. We made it up to Aunt Joyce's house with only one u-turn.

I know only a few of the people in Brett's family. It's huge! I'm not sure if I'd ever met Aunt Joyce, she was sweet and very helpful. I was thinking I'd spend the whole time chasing Jason, but was pleased to see Brett's little sister. I was pregnant with Jason when we saw her last. She looked really good and we met her new husband. We are now "friends" on Facebook so hopefully we can be a little more connected with each other. She's 15 year younger then Brett so I finally saw her as a grown up this time. :)

We took pictures of the family. I'll post them if we get a copy.

I spoke to Brett's Step-mom about Jason's new school and how we would need to be up twice a month so we would have to see how things worked out.

I think we (the wives) tried in the beginning to get together. Life seems to throw things in the kinks. We have a lot on our plate. I told her that it was up to Brett and his Dad to work out the schedule. I'll support him 100%.

It was good to see Brett's family and understand where he comes from and what makes him tick. :)

The Fam with Brett's Dad, Blair.
The Fam eating Lunch with Chad photo bombing us.
The had a tiny bounce house.  Jason thought it was great.
This is Brett's Grandparents. Laurence and Lila.
Jason and Mark on the swings.
Brett's Great Grandparents.
Water balloon sling shot was a hit.


Tori was at girls camp all last week. It was wonderful to have her back again.