Monday, May 24, 2010


Saturday was a bit crazy!! Duncan had to be up at the crack of dawn to get to the church so he could go on his 10 mile hike. They went out to Jordan, and Duncan did really well. It really didn't seem to phase him at all. He even left his water pack in the car on the last leg. It wasn't as hot out though. So I'm sure that made a big difference.

Brett and Jake have been trying to dig up that stump for weeks now. It's CRAZY! They tried to blow it up on Saturday. That idea didn't pan out. They will keep trying.
This was going on while we were waiting to see if there would be a big bang or not. I just love this picture.
It was also Brett's Birthday! Happy brithday love!!! We went to Van Huesen to get him a few more dress shirts. Now that he has to dress up at work, and wear a tie everyday he's wanting to build his wardrobe selections.

As you can see, Brett wasn't too thrilled I had my camera
As you can see from the next few pictures the kids were really thrilled to be there too.
Tori was helping her Dad while I took Jason out in the hall.

Poor Jason, I don't know how Samantha can pick him up still.
The kids were ready to leave the store!
Jason was climbing back and forth over the benches. He also dropped his bottle in the garbage can next to them. He kept the kids running.
We went to Traci and John's house for Hallie's Birthday party. They always go all out. The kids had a ball!!!!
The first thing Jason did was go into the bounce house. He's such a sweet boy. He just loved every minute. I couldn't get him to come inside, even though it was 40 degrees.
Next he tackled the blow up obstacle course. There was no hesitation on his part. He went straight up the ladder. I told John he needed to buy one of those and store it at my house. He didn't seem to agree with me....
Duncan was sweet with his baby brother. He went and played with him for a minute.
The girls loved the bounce house. I don't think I saw Tori do the obstacle course once.

Tori did spent most of her time waiting in line to get her face painted. She didn't go outside until it was WAY to cold.
Jason spent a lot of time just climbing and playing. His feet were purple by the time I convinced him to come inside.
Cotton Candy! Duncan's favorite
Brett pushed Jason on the swing for a good hour. Poor Brett was so cold by the time he finished he almost felt ill.
More cotton candy. I think Samantha had 4 different turns at the machine.
Duncan thinks he's so bad!
This was his I'm a stud look. He was flirting with Traci's nieces who are quite a bit older then he is. I'm in trouble!!!
Tori was a chihuahua. Duncan claims to be afraid of them which is why Tori chose this look.

Samantha is a dalmatian. She has been this every time we have seen this lovely face painting lady. She said she was going to be a chihuahua too, but I told her to use her own head and be what she wants.
Duncan was a princess. He thinks he's so funny!!!

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