Sunday, May 2, 2010

Soccer, Birthday, and Beans

Yesterday ended up being a lazy day for me. It probably shouldn't have been. I had a lot to do, but I just couldn't make myself do anything. So there you go.

Duncan had a soccer game yesterday. I actually got to watch the game, because my Mom took Samantha, Tori, and Jason. Thanks Mom!

The game started out looking like we weren't even going to stand a chance. They were up 2-0 pretty quick. Then it seemed like the boys decided they weren't going to let this happen and they won the game 4-3. Duncan SCORED!!! He was so excited. I haven't seen him smile quite so big in a long time!!!

The girls were at my Mom's house because it was my nieces birthday on the 30th. So they got to play while Duncan had his soccer game and we had cake and ice cream. Jason has decided he REALLY likes black beans! He went over to my Grandmother and invaded her dinner. He ate them by the handfuls.

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