Monday, May 24, 2010


It snowed this morning. Isn't summer supposed to be here soon? Please???? I'm begging!
Jason and I took a nap today! Lovely!! It was not intended but, he takes so long to fall asleep that most of the time, I'm not far behind him.

Tori and Samantha had Hip-Hop. They only have one more Hip-Hop practice before the recital. Strange, the days just seemed to be whizzing by.

Tori is the student of the week this week in her class. She said, "Mom, there are lots of people who like me. A lot of them said they'd like to get to know me better." Her teacher has everyone write a nice letter about the student of the week. I'm pretty sure all of Tori's issues are in her head. Counseling here we come.....

Samantha was ready to run and play as soon as we got home from dance. I ended up with a bunch of kids from the neighborhood at my house while Samantha was over at a friends house.

Jason was swinging in his swing, in his room, and smacked his head on the shelf. He's got a HUGE goose egg. He cried for about 2 minutes, and then was back to normal. That's my boy!

Duncan had try-outs for soccer. I think this year will be a positive one. Hopefully it won't take too much of our time!!!!


Grandpa Sid said...

Ouch!! Black eye tomorrow. Am sending some money that is for junk food and everytime one of you gives Jason or the others any you need to tell them it is from us. Would have sent some but everything would melt before it got there. Going in the mail tomorrow.

You made me home sick with the comment about the house and Jason. You need to take him in once in a while. I told Laura before we left that Jason had to come in the house once in a while so he wouldn't forget. Give them all a hug from us.

LutzFam said...

Mom told me not to Blog that one. She thought it might break your heart. We plan on having him up running around soon. We've just had so much balogna that we can't see straight. Duncan should be mowing the lawn on Saturday so we'll have him run around then.