Friday, May 7, 2010

Play Group, Play Project, Practice, Dance, Reading

Jason had playgroup yesterday. He did really well. Paula came to see him, she's going to Egypt at the end of this month so she won't be able to see him twice. This was our way of getting her visits in. We got there and he played in the kitchen first. Then he ran over to the trampoline, until they told him 2 minutes, and then rang the bell. Then we sat down and did circle time. He really loves the "Choo Choo" song.
Then he went back to the trampoline for a while. We played with him, he was just loving the undivided attention from two of us. Then two minute warning and time for the ball pit. I've got to get one of these!! He LOVED it! He just sat in it and rolled around. I think the sensory input is just what Jason needs.
Then two minute warning and it was free time. He made his way to the art table and loved Dot Art. Again, I've got to get some of these. They are like markers but are big circles and he just enjoyed the amount of color he could put down on the table. Two minutes and then the goodbye circle time.
We did Old MacDonald and Jason sat uninterested until it was over. Then we sang the goodbye song and Jason jumped up and went to the door. He knew it was time to go home!!

Then Jean Delangelo came to see him. She is our Play Project/Speech Therapist. She really liked his improvement. He's definitely looking for me, to play with. He's engaged and enjoying his time with me. The next step is to get him vocalizing about what he wants. He gets a little frustrated when I don't just respond to his body language. For example: I knock on his feet. Not soft either. He loves it. So if he puts his feet in my hands it's time to knock again. Jean wants me to wait for some vocalization or sign language from him.

Duncan and Brett went to soccer practice so I didn't see them until about 7:30pm.

Tori had Dance and she came home with a big smile on her face. This is an improvement on some days. She can be VERY touchy, but I think the girls are really treating her well right now.

Samantha just finished reading the Box Car Children #1. I bought this for her for our trip to Florida, because it was one of my favorites as a kid. I told her we could buy number #2 and her eyes lit up. "There are more?" I told her I thought there were about 150 of them, and she said she was going to read them all!!! She's turned in to quite the reading fool!!!

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Grandpa Sid said...

Keep it up. We love reading about the kids and you and Brett.