Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My hard working baby boy

Duncan has been working all summer mowing lawns. He opened a bank account, and has been saving his money up for something good. He wasn't sure what he wanted to spend his money on, but he finally spent it. I'm typing on it right now. He bought himself a laptop. I'm proud of his drive, and his ability to control the constant need to spend his money the minute he gets it.

Good job, Buddy!!

He never sits still

Yes, I'm one of those mom's. I took a picture before getting him down. =)

I just don't get it! He never stops!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jasons Friend Paula

Jason's friend Paula came to visit today. We discussed his progress, he's been trying to do more turn taking, and has been decreasing the fits. He has asked for his Hearing Aid a few times so this means to me that he is seeing a difference in his hearing with it on. He's been sitting in his high chair and staying put for dinner.

I shared my feelings about his asking for his aid, and how I realized the denial that I was in. She shared a letter by Emily Pearl Kingsley called "Welcome to Holland" that is very touching, it really does hit home with what we have experienced with the kids.

Click the link below to read it. It is definitely worth the read.

Gotta Love the Neighbors!

I put Jason down for a nap and was getting some work done, when there was a frantic banging at my door. I could tell by the light touch that it was the next door 3 year old. I ran upstairs to tell him Sam wasn't home, he looked at me and said "NO, my Daddy at work and my Mommy gone!" It took me a minute to figure out that he thought his Mom had left him. I said, "I'm sure your Mommy's home. Do you need help getting back into your house?" He said yes, so I walked him home.

He opened the door without any help, but said "See! They are gone!!!" I said "I'm sure your Mommy or Daddy are home." He looked at me teary eyed, "Daddy at work, Mommy Gone!!" So I said, "I'm sure your Mommy's home, I'll stay right here in the door way while you look around for Mommy. She could be laying down, or maybe she's downstairs. Why don't you go look downstairs." So he ran to the top of the stairs and yelled for his mom. To which came an immediate response. He looked at me with a smile and said, "She is downstairs!" His mother came up to see who he was talking too, and I explained that he thought she had left him.

It makes me chuckle, and also is another reason that I'm greatful that I stay home with the kids. Because if I wasn't home, who would be here to rescue the neighbor boy for desertion? =)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Duncan's eye appointment

After school today, I picked up the kids and once again drove out to PCMC for an eye appointment. This time though it was another yearly appointment for Duncan. Dr. Dries said we don't have to have his eyes checked again unless he sees a difference in his vision and thinks he needs glasses. Duncan has shown no signs of the other kids issues so he is the lucky one who doesn't have to spend a ton of time at the doctor.

Yay!!! One less doctor's appointment to worry about!!!!

Back to School!!!!!!!!!

The kids went back to school today!!! WAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I feel like a jerk, but structure is something that is really good in our lives, and we needed it!!!!

The girls were so excited for school this morning! Samantha was up before anyone and started getting ready for school without any reminding. Duncan wasn't very excited until last night. We ran over to the school to see who was actually in there classes with them. We had already gone to see who there teachers were but we were in such a hurry that we didn't look at the rest of the school lists. He knew about 3/4 of his class so all of a sudden things were OK!

Well, gotta get something done!! It is an early out day after all.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My big brother

My big brother is a wonderful musician. He is in a pretty cool contest and he needs all the votes he can get! Please vote for him!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hair Cuts, and Locks of Love

Today was our annual hair cut trip right before school starts. The girls decided to CHOP it! So I took them over to Fantastic Sams, and they said if they wanted to cut it off we could donate to The Locks of Love and the haircuts would be free. So we took advantage and got some cute haircuts. Here are some before and after pictures. Duncan of course had to join in the fun!

Sleeping on the Tramp.

The kids decided they were going to have a sleep over and sleep out on the tramp last night. I quickly grabbed a couple of pictures of them, because I figured it wasn't going to last.
I was right! I left my cell phone with Duncan just in case, and he called me 5 times in a 20 minute period. They all wanted to come inside, and Duncan's buddy wanted to go home. They so badly want to be grown up but they just aren't yet. Thank Goodness!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Brett is getting better, a little at a time

Brett went to the instacare a couple of days ago. They gave him an antibiotic, more cough medicine, and a nasal spray. He is doing a lot better. His sinuses are starting to feel less pressure and he's not coughing as much through the day. Although as soon as he lays down the coughing fits begin. I'm hoping that both of us will be getting some better sleep soon!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Obsessed you might say!

The kids have been obsessed with this lovely show on Cartoon Network called The Othersiders. It is a show about 6 teenagers that go to different places and try and get evidence about whether it's haunted or not.

So today they watched about 6 episodes, and then On Demand quit working.......? I advised the kids that it was a sign! A sign from the paranormal, that they needed to go outside and play in the sunlight! Although they didn't think I was funny they did go outside!! =)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

200th post

Yesterday I posted my 200th post. I can't believe time goes by so fast!!!! When I first started my blog it was just a way to share what our family does, as well as the doctor's appointments, and info that we got about our kids.

Now it has turned into a Journal for me. I LOVE my blog! It is something that I am quite proud of, and love to share with others. It's been really good for me to have a place to share my feelings and experiences that we have.

This is something that I feel is my own! As a Mother of 4 it's hard to have anything that you feel is 100% your own, but this is it for me. This is mine, and mine alone. Weird how much satisfaction I have from that statement. Again, I LOVE my blog and appreciate all your support!! Thank you!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I had one of those moments today. I'm so grateful for the place and the time that we live in. Our kids have enough issues that we have so many more advantages then we would have 100 years ago. We knew right away that Jason was possibly going to have hearing problems.

However, denial is a cruel thing!! I think we as parents have been pretty darn good with dealing with the concerns and challenges that our kids have brought us, but again I was choked up and had mixed emotions this afternoon.

Jason woke up from his nap cranky and wanting Mama. I got him out of his crib, grabbed his hearing aid and he fell back to sleep in my bed for another hour. I put his Aid on my bed side table this time and then I sat on the floor and watched a little TV waiting for the boy to wake up. Almost as soon as he woke up, he rolled off my bed with his hearing aid in hand. He brought it over to me and put it in my hands.

The progress that I see is so exciting, but yet it breaks my heart. Don't we all hope that something will just make the problem go away? Maybe, just maybe it's his ear infections and filled ears. Maybe, he will grow out of it.........maybe all will just miraculously fall into place and everything will be well........

As you all know, this isn't how life works. I'd love to be able to fix this problem, but I guess that is what the hearing aid does for Jason. It fixes the problem.

Is there any doubt where this boy came from?

Brett's Dad emailed him this picture the other day. It just blows me away!! For one thing, Brett does not have light coloring! He's a pretty tan guy. But, I'm now positive why we have my little blondie!!! Wasn't he just so cute!!!!!!Of course he's pretty darn cute too!!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

My Cross Stitch

Someday I'll finish it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm still teary eyed!

Jason took his nap today, and of course I took his hearing aid off. I put it on his bed side table so that I could put it on after his nap. When he got up he was playing with his toys in his room and I decided to see if he would make the decision to put in his hearing aid.

It took him a minute, but he picked it up, and brought it to me. I asked him if he wanted his hearing aid in. I took it from him and he said "MEEESSSS!!!!" with his cute little scrunched up face. I turned him around and put in his Aid, and he walked out of the room.

I'm shocked and amazed. I'm so hopeful, I can't even tell you how excited I am.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's Been Eating Me Up Inside

Duncan is the sweetest most innocent child in the world!!! He was calling me into his room tonight, and once again he was in tears.

Mom: What's wrong now baby?

Duncan: Mom, you remember when I went swimming at Curtis house?"

Mom: A few weeks ago? Yes....what's up?

Duncan: Well......(Duncan nervously wringing his hands) They were taking pictures, and Trisha told me that if I didn't smile for the pictures she was going to really kiss me. (The tears are starting to well up in his eyes) Well my mouth got tired from smiling too much, and my smile went away.......(the boy completely breaks down.)

Mom: So, Trisha kissed you?

Duncan: She tried to, but I went like this....(as he hides his lips to show me what he did in defense.)

Mom: Oh Honey, you didn't do anything wrong. Don't beat yourself up about it. She kissed you, you didn't kiss her.

Duncan: Really?

Mom: Yes! It's O.K. Duncan, if things are bothering you like this you need to talk to me. I'll understand!!

Duncan: Mom, this has been almost eating me up inside! Like, I've almost been in PAIN!

Now you know, my boy is an innocent little thing! It was so sweet, but it was almost painful to walk out of that room without cracking a smile!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 13th Wedding Anniversary. Brett and I were married in the Bountiful, Ut Temple at 12:00 N. I wanted to be good and rested on my wedding day, so I wanted to sleep in. None of this 8:00 am ceremony for us!

It was pretty normal, we got ready and waited for the ceremony to start. Brett and I just sat and enjoyed each others company in the Celestial Room until a cute little Temple Matron came over and said, "I'm really sorry that we are late, but the Sealer is running late. He will be here in a few minutes." I laughed, there was no worries about being late for us, but for the huge crowd in the Sealing Room must have been miserable.

I married into a wonderful family, and am still amazed at how many of them their are. Most of the time I can recognize that my husband is related to them in some way, but there is absolutely no way that I would know their name or how they were related.

My family is awesome and supportive. We are still very close and can be found most Sunday's together at my Parents house.We had our Reception in the in-laws back yard. It was beautiful and it was really hot! We had the worlds longest Reception, (a whole 3 hours) and the line was still going out into the front yard at 9:00 pm. It was crazy!!!

I love my Hubby! He does so much for me and the kids. He's a good example for all of us, and I aspire to be more like him. He's fun, and best of all he loves me. He loves me in spite of my faults, he loves me because of my quirks. He's awesome! Love you babe!!!

Jason's Progress

I took the kids to the park yesterday for the Hill Family Reunion. Jason was playing on the playground and I was helping him hang from a bar and noticed that his aid was coming out. I had my hands full so I wasn't going to fix it for a minute. As soon as I put him on the ground it fell out. He looked at it, and tried to put it back in. Which I was so excited about but didn't want to make a fuss, just in case he got the wrong idea. Then he looked at it again, looked at me, and tried to put it back in again. So I asked him if he wanted his hearing aid back in and he turned his back to me and tilted his head so I could put it back. Not that it is always going to be this way, but YAY!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Frozen Chocolate Covered Banana

We made Frozen Chocolate Cover Banana's for Family Night. I'm not sure I did them right but the kids loved them! I melted milk chocolate chips in the double boiler added some cream, and let it melt until smooth and shinny. Then the kids dipped the bananas in the chocolate, some got chopped peanuts, some did not.

As you can see Jason thought they were awesome!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When is school supposed to start?

I'm so wasted I don't know where to begin. Brett's been sick, Jason has been Jason, Samantha has been well Samantha, Tori keeps complaining about her eyes, and Duncan thinks that his life is boring so he needs to be going somewhere or doing something all the time!

Jason has had an ear infection in his good ear. He'd been spewing stuff from his ears for a while so I have left his hearing aid off. I'll have to ask Paula if that's the right thing to do the next time she is here. The result is my boy is being the frustrated terror that he has been. I'm going to put his aid back into today and see if it makes a difference.

Samantha is having a hard time with the older kids having so much more freedom then she does. It's hard because she is 3-4 years younger then the older two and I'm not ready to let her roam as far away from the house as the other two do. I think that first grade will be a good thing for her. She will leave the house with the older two and go to lunch. She'll be gone all day, and she won't feel quite so left out.

Tori has been non-stop eye doctor's appointments one right after the other. The frustrating thing is that she's doing really well!!! Last night she told me that her eye was really blurry and that it would go away and come back. Her eyes were quite red so I gave her some Optcon-A which is an allergy eye drop to see if maybe that would make a difference and this morning she was just as red. So I called Dr. Dries and left a message and then he called personally and told me to bring her on in. Again, she's fine! He said she could use a contact in her left eye because there appears to be astigmatism. So I've got to take her in to see Dr. Olafson who is the contact specialist at the Moran Eye Center. I hate feeling like a panicky hypocondrac mother everytime I take her to the doctor. BLAH!!!!

Duncan spent a whole week with his cousin at Grandma and Grandpa Siddoway's house this summer. He's constantly playing with his buddies. He's out having "Night Games" when the other two aren't allowed outside. He's had a pretty darn good summer so far. Yesterday he asked his buddies family if he could go camping with them. They camp a lot so I wasn't worried about the family but I'm not sure if I'm ready to let him go camping without me. Besides we will do the Ward Campout, and then we will be going on our annual Bear Lake trip. This time we'll be detouring to Yellow Stone. His buddies parents said "No." Thank goodness!!! I didn't have to be the bad guy this time. However, Duncan proceeded to cry for a good 45 minutes. Sobbing.........sobbing........coughing.......dripping nose.........AAAAA!!!!! "I finally had to get upset at him and advise him that he wouldn't have been going anyway so knock it off!

Brett is still not 100%. He's wiped out and can only do a few things at a time. He also got pretty grumpy when his energy level plummeted last night. Brett is a farely happy-go-lucky kind of guy, so when he gets ornery it really kicks my butt. I know he deserves his grumpy days too, it's just that they are so uncommon that it throws me for a loop.

Now to me, I'm so ready for school to be in. I'm hoping that it will help get us on a better routine. I'm on an emotional roller coaster lately and I'm trying so hard to stay stable, but some days are better then others. I thought today was going to be one of those better days, but since I spent 2 hours at the eye doctor and had to fight my 35lb 2 year old for that 2 hours I'm again wiped out!!! My work has also been pretty rough lately. We're getting really busy, so my boss is trying to figure out our work flow. The problem is with the new-ish office manager I feel like the only time I hear from anyone is when the world is falling apart or I'm getting yelled at. My job is what makes my staying at home with my kids possible, but I used to feel some sort of accomplishment, now it's just a job. I also used to have a huge connection with my boss, but since they moved away and the new-ish office manager has taken over the phones I never talk to him. I know that shouldn't be much of a surprise with the way that things have been going, but I feel like I've lost a couple of friends.

OH Well, sorry for the complaining!! I just needed to let it out!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Brett's back at work!

Brett went back to work today. I think he would have done better to take one more day off, but he didn't have anymore sick time so he went in today. I'm hoping he'll be able to come home early so he can take a nap. He had a 102 degree fever from Wednesday night until Sunday morning. I think he lost 20 lbs. He actually got dressed yesterday and the shoulders of the shirt were way to big!!! Hopefully no one else comes down with this crap!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

What a Day!!!!

I woke up this morning to a missing daughter. I told Tori she could go with her friend to the zoo today, but they weren't leaving until 12:30pm. But, I guess her mother decided she wanted to leave early because before I was awake and coherent Tori was out the door. I about had a nervous break down. Brett called his buddy Rick who does security up there every now and again, and asked if there was anyone who could look around for her. He just happened to be up there, and did a round looking for her. He didn't find her.........when she finally got home I know why. Here face was completely covered in face paint.

Then, I was just relieved that I still had 4 kids so I took them over to the skate park to play for a minute. I was taking a picture and in the middle of this I got stung in the arm-pit. Yes, I said the arm-pit.

Then I got back home and my husband had a 102 degree fever. So I asked him to go to the instacare and the Doctor says he has a 65% chance of having Swine Flu. What a day!!!!

I just want to hide for about 72 hours and see if the world will quit looking our way!

Monday, August 3, 2009


Jason was on one today. The boy didn't stop until it was time to sleep, but dang he's cute!!!

I was running payroll which requires that I be connected to the internet. Samantha came running upstairs and said, "Mom, Jason is doing something very, very, very bad." I was in the middle of someone's payroll calculations and Tori was downstairs with him so I wasn't too worried about it. When all of a sudden, my connection dies!!! So I ran downstairs and he had yanked the modem out of the wall. So I had to spend an extra hour getting back my connection.

He's been signing "please" and saying "mmmeeeessssss" all day. It's so cute. He scrunches up his nose and says it as loud as he can. He said "mmmeeeessss" to drinks, toys, and when we went up to Grandma Siddoway's he said "mmmmeeeessss" to his swimming suite and floaty. It broke my heart to tell him no. It was late and the pool was out of commission for the day. He's so determined to communicate it's fun!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Devious Mind of Parents

I'm not sure if anyone else watches the T.V. show "Clean House", but my family watches it a lot. The kids even enjoy watching people de-clutter there insanely disaster homes.

What they do on the show is make the people go through their stuff and pick what isn't really important anymore and have a yard sale. Then they use the yard sale money to fix up the house. The catch is, the people don't get to keep the stuff that doesn't sell. It goes to charity.

Now that I've explained all that, we had a yard sale on Saturday. We had the kids go through all their toys and books. What wasn't important and wasn't used anymore was going to the yard sale. We made $11.00, and then took 3 black garbage backs and a couple big toys that don't get used anymore to the D.I.

I cannot tell you how many times I've told the kids we needed to get rid of some of their toys. They had so much stuff they didn't know what to play with. Then the arguing and whining would begin. But, we used the "Clean House" method and the only one we had to fight a little was Samantha. The others gave up there unused toys without any hesitation!

I felt kind-of deceptive, but the kids knew what the end result was and didn't have a problem. They even went with us to the D.I. and dropped it off. Now on to organization of the left over toys!!