Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Love my boy!

I'm such a sucker for a hat. Especially when it's $6.88.

Good things can happen

I'm going to preface this and say I've gotten very little work done. I did however get my cracked phone repaired, and bought an otter box for $20. 

The really really really good thing is Jason peed in the toilet twice!!!!! Not a lot and not when put on the toilet but usually he just looks at me like I'm nuts. Today we did something!!!! Twice!!!!!!

No he's not trained but I'm rewarding him. And yes we're outside in just a shirt and underpants.  :)

Good things

I know!!! I'm looking for the good things in life. Searching. Ok. In tired and I have a headache. Jason has diarrhea and can't go to school. Duncan thinks he hurt his knee and wants a note to skip gym. So I'm headed to the jr high. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Aaaaaaaaaaa piano!

Tori has signed me up as her accompanist for her flute solo for band class. I'm TERRIFIED! We picked a piece that looked a little complicated for her and now I have to play the piano for her. We just practiced (which I really don't have time for today). Hopefully tori will be better then me, and she won't be graded on my performance!!!!!!

Special needs primary

Jason had a party at special needs primary tonight. They even had a popcorn maker.

He found a bean bag and a Capri sun and chilled for a little while. 

We don't make it for very long. He can't sit, so we watched there little end of the year movie and came home.

My sweet boy

I'm a pretty Lucky mama to have a snuggly boy!

Picking up

Time to pick up the kids! Picked up jason an then drove to the Jr. high to pick up the other two. I missed them the way there because they were in the local Maverick.  So being the awesome mom that I am I whistled on the way them to make sure they new it was me.

There's the boys.

Tori jumped in the front seat. She's not feeling very well either. Sigh...

Lunch and Sam

Brett had an event on Friday and he had a bunch of stuff that had to take back to the office. So I drove it out to him after my quiz and we had lunch. It was only about 45 minutes but I'm grateful to have a little alone time with him. 

Samantha called twice from school so I went and picked her up. She claims to have a soar throat but I think a lot of her problem is mama neediness. She just wants a little attention. I'm going to now attempt to get 8 hrs of stuff packed into 4. 

Homework and quizzes

This week was a little crazy. I'm trying to figure out how to get the online course schedule and the rest of my life in sync. I was behind on my math homework so I figured i'd stop at the Davis campus and finish that up and take my quiz. I need to remember to bring a writing utensil when going in to the school to do math! It's not quite as easy to do in my head. 


I started school again! I have a family management class and one of the goals I set was to document our lives better so that I can always see the good in the  everyday craziness that is our life. 

I know I'm way behind so I give up once again. I'll play the catch up game and I'll use the awesome blogger Ap on my phone. 

 Last night Jason struggled to sleep. He started Sunday with major asthma attack so he was on some heavy steroids. This morning when I couldn't find his dang shoes I decided to run to Kmart and buy him some. Duncan missed the carpool this morning because he couldn't find HIS shoes so i let Jason sleep in. At least I could go get Jason's shoes without having to drag him through the store. The one benefit of having Duncan home this morning.

I dropped Duncan off at school and am now just getting Jason to school.  Next stop...the hub to take a math quiz.