Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No Sleep, New Job, Soccer, Dance, and Digging

Yesterday was a day of exhaustion for Brett and I. As always Brett handles the lack of sleep much better then I do. With Jason not sleeping the night before and his inability to keep his elbows and knees to himself when he is asleep, we got very little sleep. So last night we moved Jason's mattress into our room and put it on the floor. I've been thinking about this for a while, but really haven't wanted to make that kind of commitment. He only tried to get into our bed once last night, and I immediately laid him back on his bed. In his room, he would have screamed and tried to sit back up. It didn't matter how long I stayed with him or tried to keep him in his bed. He wasn't in the right room. Last night, he took his bottle and held my hand and went back to sleep. Brett and I both woke up pretty refreshed. Hopefully this continues.

Brett started his new job on Monday. His one complaint is that it's VERY QUIET. So today he brought his headphones so he could listen to his iPod while working. He was very excited to tell me he updated a couple pages on the website already. He says he's got a lot of work ahead of him to revamp the website, which is good. People needing you at your job is a good thing.

Duncan had another soccer game. It was up in Roy this time, and the girls had dance so I stayed home. Brett said he played AWESOME. They tied 1-1. The boys seem to really be getting how to play. The downfall......Duncan asked Brett if the team would be the same in the fall........Duncan wants to play again.......sigh...

Tori had achievement days while Samantha had Jazz. And then Tori had Jazz an couple hours later. I'm not going to lie and say I won't be glad once the recital is done. However, I think the girls are going to want to dance again next year. least they want to do something, I guess.

Brett came home from the game to Jake and James in the back yard digging up that stump. They were so optimistic that they would be able to get it out. But, the roots seemed to slow them down. Go figure. Brett will be purchasing an ax today, and hopefully they will be able to hack through some of those monsters!!!

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