Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rain, Jean, Joel, Dance, and Achievement Days

Yesterday was nothing but appointments and running around. That and the rain. I'm not sure that I can be too upset about this since we really can always use the rain.

Jean Fowles came to see Jason yesterday morning. She brought a questionnaire to fill out for his transition meeting. I asked her where he would most likely be going to preschool, and she said that would be determined at the meeting. More info to come on that.

Then the kids got home from school and Samantha had Jazz and Tori had Achievement days. I ran them to their respective places and then ran home to do a bit of cleaning. It always feels like I just get started on something and I have to go back and get them again. Cleaning is something I can drop without having to finish the next thing. I know I'm pathetic.

I knew that Joel was going to be there very soon to see Jason so I left Duncan home and told him not to let Joel leave I'd be back soon. Tori, being herself was the only girl to not come out and see if her mother was there to get her. I had to go knock on the door and get her out of the house. I swear she senses when I need her to hurry and slows down. Then I got stopped by a train on the way to the dance studio. Finally I got there and Samantha was absorbed in something so I had to go inside and get her as well.

I finally got home and yes Joel's car was parked outside. Brett's was there as well, thank goodness. I got Jason inside and they got to work with the occupational therapy. He said that Duncan was very cute when he knocked on the door. He had his hands up and said, "My mom told me not to let you leave, she will be back in a few minutes. Come inside and sit down." That's my boy. Jason is getting very good with the routine that Joel has. He knows whats coming next and what Joel wants to do. He's also making some really good eye contact, and he's anticipating what Joel is going to do next.

After Joel left, I laid down on my bed. WHEW running is over. Then at 6:15pm Tori comes upstairs and says I need to go to Dance. She was already 15 minutes late. So I ran out the door, got her to the studio as quickly as I could. Then I went to pick up some pizza at Little Ceasars, by the time they were done with our food, it was time to go get Tori again. I think I drove for over an hour. Sigh.....Isn't that life?

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