Tuesday, March 26, 2013

December 6th

I periodically take my own picture if I look FABULOUS!  Well,  I take a ton of pictures of Brett and usually Brett is the one doing all the playing.  So every once in a while I take a picture of me to prove I'm still there.

This is how Duncan spends his days.  Sitting at the computer.  I snuck some video of him singing and then made him re-quote something that made me laugh.  Yes.  I love my boy!

December 5th

Piano Lessons!  Jason still likes the play disc.

I finished Laurens doll that I made her for Christmas.

Jason spent 5 minutes upside in the laundry basket.

The kids watched Jason while Brett and I went to my folks house.  Um......I think we took to long.

Monday, March 25, 2013

December 4th

On December 4th I had to work.  I was devastated because Jason's Christmas Program was that night and I couldn't get anyone to cover for me. I was feeling picked on and frustrated.  I can't tell you how many times I had covered for others before I asked anyone to cover for me this evening.  I kind spouted off at my manager and assistant manager.  Yes.  I guess I threw a bit of a tantrum.  I looked at them, and said, "give me a minute so I can settle down."  And went into the bathroom.  After that my manager suggested I call the other assistant manager to cover for me while I ran up to the program and then I could close.  Heather agreed and I got to go see my sweet baby on the stage.

The video quality is pretty awful, but Jason is actually ringing jingle bells and enjoying time with others.  Loved it!!!

At the end of the program they had Santa visit and the kids got to sit on his lap.  

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Family Pictures

Sometime between the end of November and the beginning of December Leslie got us our family pictures.  I love what she does.  I love how they turn out.  My girls are beautiful and my boys are handsome.  Most of the time even I turn out ok.  I love her work and am so grateful for the talent she shares with my family.

December 1st

Woo hoo!!!  I made it to DECEMBER!!!!

Ok...our ward does Christmas Breakfast with Santa.  So we went to the church.  Ate breakfast.  And then Santa Showed up.  It's always fun for the kids and I know that Santa is going to be very patient with Jason because the man behind the beard is all knowing.  (At least we see him once a week.)

Samantha is always eager to sit and let Santa know what she wants.

Jason actually smiled with Santa.  That was exciting! 

Duncan thought he was REALLY funny sitting on Santa's lap. 

Tori couldn't bring herself to do it, so she just stood next to him. 

My sister brought us back our old love sac.  We put it in Jason's room.  He enjoys it a lot. 

The dogs love Brett.  They aren't in the house as much anymore.  (That's my fault)  So every once in a while I let them snuggle with Brett. 

I finished Laurens doll and then struggled for a week or so with what to do with the face.  It's dang cute though.

November 29th

I volunteered in Jason's school this day.  It was fun and I learned how they were working with him.  He was still doing core training at this point, which was "Feet down, Hands down, Mouth quiet, Look at me."  He got bored with this pretty quick.

Jason loves the cool air return.  I do have a funny/disturbing story though.  He was sitting just like this one day and his teacher looked over at him and said to one of the aids, "If I didn't know better I would think Jason is peeing."  She walked over and he had the front of his pants down, the front of his diaper down and was hanging out and cooling things off.  Yes.  I was a proud mama!

This is about all we got out of Bountiful Wrestling this year.  Duncan decided that it hurts too much and he is not wrestling anymore......sigh.....