Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Soccer, Dance, and Trampoline

Jason and I had a pretty mellow day. We both took a nap. This has kind of turned into the normal these days. I'm not sure if it's good or bad. I don't work as much when the kids are up, so I'm up late. However, I'm at least getting the sleep I need so I'm not the bear of a mother.

The girls had dance again. Both of them have Jazz class on Tuesday's. When I went to pick up Samantha she was looking through a photo album and was so excited to see her dance pictures in there. Tori had to have new Jazz shoes so I had to help her put them on. They can be so hard sometimes, even when they are the right size! I think they should know their dances. We have a CD of their songs and they have been listening to it all day.

Duncan had another soccer game. Tori's dance and his game overlapped so I didn't get to see the whole game. It was cold! Duncan was frozen most of the game. Part of that could have been that he didn't bring a coat or anything.
Tori helps a lot with Jason lately. He's really enjoying his big sister.
Samantha can't stay out of the stroller. At least Jason wasn't trying to climb in it with her this time.
I know, I'm terrible!! But, if he has something to watch he doesn't run off.
The cute little bugger got out of the van and ran around to the back yard to get on the tramp. He's loving it!! I put his feet on the ground and he grinned and took off. I've got to fix the netting. The neighbor keep grabbing onto it and pulling it down. more project.

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Grandpa Sid said...

Melanie, Really do appreciate the updates. Helps me lots.