Thursday, June 30, 2011

Speech Therapy

Jason had Speech Therapy yesterday. He has a new therapist and he isn't sure what to think of him. We'll see how things work out!!!


I'm not sure what was up with Jason on Tuesday. He didn't feel 100%. We went to the park with Brett so that Jason could play on the park. However, he didn't want to have anything to do with it. He wanted to get in the car and go home. He tried everything included hitting, tantruming, and pulling the rear view mirror off the windshield. So finally he got out of the car, and started walking home.
I yelled at Brett and advised him we were walking and to call us when he finished up.

He pretty much knew how to get home. He has an amazing sense of direction. We would have made it all the way home except he found some sprinklers. I think he may have been overheated. As soon as he spent time in the water he settled down.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Showing His Autism

Grandma Siddoway thought Jason might enjoy Dominoes. Wow did he EVER!


My eight year old, who is getting baptized this weekend, decided to cut her own hair on Friday. She came home while I was talking to a friend outside, and I about lost it. It had been a very complex, and stressful week. To top it all off, my EIGHT year old cut her hair.....?????

I took her to Cookie Cutters and asked what on earth I could do. She cut some side bangs and now Samantha has a "Comb-Over". I also bought her some head bands. She actually looks cute, as long as she leaves those on!!!!

June is almost over.

You'd think with it being summer the calendar would be empty. Nope.......

This is what my crazy schedule looks like when we are on "vacation". =P

Kids and Dogs

Why are they so much cuter when they're asleep?

Jason didn't feel good

Sunday we went to see the Grandparents early because we needed to get the girls to Summer Camp. Jason just laid in the Sun in my parents kitchen.
Then when we went to Grandma and Grandpa Siddoway's the little monkey fell asleep. We drove the girls to camp and when we got back he had a fever.
I ran him over to Lisa's to have her check out his ears, nose and throat. Everything was fine. When he got up in the morning he acted normal and acted like nothing was wrong. Not sure what bug he got, but he was definitely under the weather.

Card Shuffler

Grandma got a new toy. A Card Shuffler. Jason found it very exciting and wanted to continue playing with it. Duncan, as you can see, is exhausted and it was time to go home. When I said it was time to go Bye Bye, he grabbed the machine and looked at me like. "Ok Mom, lets go!" We laughed all the way to the door. Thank goodness it was just a little awkward for him. We would have had to take it home for the night.

Jason found a new toy

Jason found the camera app on the ipods. I'm not sure what he finds so fascinating about it, but I have a million pictures of him like this. It's kind of cute.

Soccer Practice

Even though Duncan was at Scout Camp, Brett had to go to Soccer practice. We have only 1 working vehicle right now, so after I worked out we went to pick up Brett and the kids played at the park. I feel a little bad, since I have to follow Jason around and make sure he doesn't run off or hurt himself I always take way more pictures of him then the anyone else.......

But the girls got along really well without Duncan around.

More Time in the Pool

It's Tuesday and so far we haven't been swimming this week. I think that is a major accomplishment. Actually we love swimming and are so grateful that we are able to take advantage of the pool this year. Previous years I worked from home so going swimming was a major chore. No Work, means more time to go swimming.

Sidewalk Chalk

I bought some sidewalk chalk in hopes of getting Jason out of the house. It only worked for about 5 minutes, but as you can see he seems to enjoy it.
I had a whole bucket of chalk last year, but Jason ATE the whole thing. One bite at a time.

Samantha was trying her darndest to copy the pictures from the chalk art festival.
Tori is so sweet to play with my boy.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chalk Art Festival

On Friday we went to the Gateway to have lunch with Brett and then go to the Chalk Art Festival. It was so much fun!! We went there for 4 hours. I decided it would be fun to ride the train out there which was Jason's favorite part!!!

After lunch we headed down to the wonderful Gateway fountain and let the kids go to0 town. I don't know if Jason was tired or what but he was uninterested in running through the water.

Than we wandered around and checked out the artwork.

Lots of fun. We will do it again next year!!

Friday, June 17, 2011


More swimming!! We decided to go swimming during the day yesterday. Boy am I fried!! Of course my Mother-in-law advised me I was going to get burned, and of course I knew I was going to get burned......but......well, I'm not that intelligent.

The girls found the snorkeling stuff and had a ball!!