Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Silly school stuff

We talked about the life cycle of a butterfly today. I think they turned out pretty cute.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Jason made me go out front and then took me around to the back yard. Look what beautiful smell was lingering in the air! Do you think spring will actually come???


Brett and I recently went to a Parenting Class. Our family has all hit a hard time all at once. Duncan is 12......Tori is 10......Samantha is almost 8......and Jason is Jason.

Alright, that might not break it down exactly, but we decided we needed a little bit of help in working with our kids so we signed up.

The big thing she talked about was building FAMILY VALUES. Such as Respect. That was the first thing that we decided we needed to work on. We have to go slowly though, so the first thing we are going to work on is respect of property. I think this is the easiest thing for the kids to understand, Chores. So we are going to start here.

The difference is, we are going to change a lot of wording and meanings. If we don't get our chores done, instead of punishment we are going to get a lot of practice doing the things we struggle with. Practice sounds a lot better than punishment. Also the difference is that to start out Brett and I are going to help the kids learn what is acceptable and what is not. So the first step is having Brett and I help the kids so they learn that we are willing to help them as well. We'll see how it goes. The kids seemed really accepting of it.

We are also going to start working on respecting each other next. Hopefully this will help get a little more harmony in our home.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was really nice. My kids brought me waffles made from scratch, scrambled eggs, and a smoothie in bed. We all got up and got ready for church, and in sacrament meeting Brett's cousin Gary took Jason for just about the whole meeting. That was awesome!

Jason has started back in nursery. We are hoping to give him another year to adjust to the idea of primary. So I was able to go to all my meetings, without stress or worry. What a relief.

We went over to the Mother-in-laws right after church and they were still at church. So we hung around because if we didn't Jason would freak out. I took a nice afternoon nap while we waited. The in-laws got home we said hello, and goodbye pretty quick. They had a flight to catch to Arizona to be with my Brother-in-law for his surgery.

We went home rested for a while and then headed up to my Mom's house. It was fairly relaxed and Jason fell asleep. It was quite the nice relaxing day that I needed.

With Jason asleep in my Parents bed my brother set up his microphone, new toy, and his guitar and the kids went down and sang with him. Jason didn't wake up at all!!!

Samantha is so fun! She could play with Uncle Jeff all day.

Jeff put on his new toy, Tori had a hard time singing with the additional harmonies.

Duncan thinks he's a rock star!

I think every grandkid that was there was in my folks room.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dinner with Jason the Trainer

Brett and Jason had some things to discuss so Jason invited us over for dinner on Saturday. We got to his house and Samantha said, "Is it the one with the kids?" Brett said yes, and she was off like a shot. She is and always has been my social butterfly.

Their little girl kept calling Jason "Baby" and following him around. She was such a cute little stinker.

Tori was telling my brother all about "Tenny". I think she was crushing a little bit.
Samantha asked if we could go back soon! =)

Jason's Peeling Center

Jason loves to peel. We've been advised that you can't just stop a behavior like that. You have to replace it. Jason NEEDS to peel. It's not just a fun thing he can put aside. I think it's one of his OCD behaviors. So this is what I thought up.

Success!! Hopefully I can convince him to keep peeling here instead of my bedroom walls.

Playing in the Hose

My kids have been dieing for it to be warm enough to play outside! So on Saturday when they broke a slight sweat they decided it was time to play with the hose. Today it's cold and dreary again. I'm hoping it goes back to 60 degrees again soon.

Another Soccer Game

Duncan had another soccer game on Friday. It's been so fun to watch the boys this season. Something has clicked and they are understanding how to play the game! Duncan has been running! I know I say this all the time, but before this season I would have to either offer to pay him, or threaten to beat him to get him to run. =)

It was nice to have so much help with Jason. I'm so grateful that we are done traveling to other cities for the most part.

Duncan's friend Curtis came to watch. I advised him that it was his job to keep Jason off the field. I love this kid! Grandpa Siddoway tried to get him to go to him. He was being really Mama needy.
And this was Jason while my Dad tickled him. Isn't he such a cute little punk!!!

Speech Therapy

Jason had his second round of Speech Therapy. I really like Lanie. She is so good with Jason!! She's also good with working with my HEAVY boy! =)

My brother is going to love that Jason likes to bowl!!

She suggested Heavy work for Jason. That will help him to get himself centered before he sits down to work.

We worked on the PECS and because he does it at school he was an old pro. I'm going to establish a couple of pictures to start him communicating. Popsicle and Cheetos. We'll see if we can get him moving!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Piano Lessons

The girls have started taking piano lessons from my Mom. She has WAY More patience then I ever will. Mom said that Samantha was excited and jumped in with both feet. She didn't even question her ability to play the piano. Tori on the other hand was so frustrated and kept saying, "I can't do this!" So my Mom told her that phrase was off limits and she was going to do just fine. I think Tori just assumes she should be able to play like Grandma even though she just started. That seems to be Tori's frustration in a lot of things. She should be able to do it perfect the first time. She doesn't like to give herself a learning curve.

I got a video of Samantha practicing. I had to help her read Braille so when Tori was practicing I was doing that.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Duncan's Monster Concert

I recommend you close your eyes and listen!! Jason was out of control. I can't even describe how hot it was in the stands. So the filming is jumpy and all over the place.

Duncan did really well. He seems to really have a knack for the violin. Who would have thought???

Fight Night

I put the video first because I thought Jason was being good. For Jason.......

We went to my sisters house for her daughters Birthday and Fight Night. Jason usually runs a muck and causes me so much stress I want to scream. Well my sweet husband sensed my anxiety and took control. He took Jason downstairs and watched him. My sisters house is a bit on the stiff side. Her husband is a major clean freak. Not that, that is a bad thing. But of a mother of a child with Autism, this can be very stressful.

The fights started and Jason actually came into the room with us. Usually the noise is to much for him to handle, and so he just stays out. I was pleasantly surprised, since I actually do like watching MMA. However the fight went so late that I fell asleep. A huge blessing let me tell you.

While I was asleep, my sisters Brother-in-law freaked out because Jason was doing head stands against the wall and could possibly knock one of the posters off.

BIL (very gruff and frustrated.): He's going to knock that poster off the wall!
Brett (very frustrated because he can see Jason is not going to knock the poster off the wall): Oh no, not a poster.
BIL (picks up my son upside down and throws him at Brett): Control your D@#* kid!
Brett(ready to sock him): Control your D@#* Self!

My husband started running all the worst scenario's in his mind, since this particular Brother-in-law of my sisters has been quite violent in the past. He started mentally counting all the people in the room that would help in the brawl if BIL started throwing punches.

Thank goodness it didn't end up that way. I'm greatful I was asleep because if not I would have been in tears and it would have caused some major drama. We'll see how things go when I see my sister again. So far I haven't heard from her. I don't know if she even knows anything went on. is family, and I love my sister. However, I will be finding out if BIL will be there in the future before I agree to go out to her house again.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Waiting for duncan to come out of the monster concert. Dang that was hot!

My baby finally did it. He split his head open. Thank goodness not too bad.

Just made some very cute bouquets for mothers day.

Teacher Appreciation Day

Just had a fabulous lunch most donated from Texas Roadhouse. I love this restaurant. If there we ever have the money for me to choose where to go. This is the place!!!

It was lovely!!! Of course free food is always a plus!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Waiting for the last few pizzas to cook. Jason loves grandpa's new tramp.

My idea of a perfect pizza.

Making pizza with my mother-in-law. Brings back so many memories of being covered in flour and smelling like garlic.