Friday, April 30, 2010

Playgroup, and Maturation

Jason had playgroup yesterday. Since we had our chaotic morning we were about 15 minutes late. We missed circle time but Jason did jump right in. He enjoyed the big transition craft which was the sticky paper. Most of the kids put one or two things on and were done. Not my boy. He could have done this just about all day.

Then of course there was the Maturation program. Duncan wanted me to be there.....surprise! I got to go and sit with a bunch of 5th grade boys and learn about puberty. That was comfortable. There of course was a lot of giggling, but Duncan seemed to handle it for the most part. I was a little surprised when they started talking about the girls cycles and what not. I don't remember them talking about boys to us when I was little....Duncan did ask why they had to talk about that. I replied, "Someday you will be married to a girl." He said, "Well can't I wait to learn about it then???" I just had to chuckle.

After the program, Duncan went to put away the chairs in his room. I had of course brought Jason with me so I was carrying him. Jennifer Reuter, a lovely woman that lives down the street who also happens to be deaf, loves my Jason. She took him from me to talk to him and of course he wanted back with Mom immediately. He did start pushing her, I think to make her go away, but she just said and signed, "What, what do you want." and spun around in a circle. Jason just smiled huge and giggled and tried to climb back into her arms. Very cute reaction from my boy!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Morning Routines

This morning was a bit crazy! Duncan, Tori, and Samantha have been fighting, playing, goofing off, and NOT getting ready for school. Samantha was feeling picked on because Tori wouldn't share a secret with her so she hid from them. I finally told them to leave her and heard her run up the stairs and open the door. I told her to find her shoes, and get a coat and get to school. When she finally found everything it was time for school to start and I told her to wait for me to get Jason ready and I'd run her to school. At this time, Duncan and Tori opened the door to tell Sam that they were late and to hurry up. I told Sam to go with them, and to run!!!

As I was getting Jason ready for playgroup I got a phone call from a cell phone I didn't recognize. I answered it and thought I heard Samantha on the other end. Then a lady got on the phone and said, "Is this Samantha's Mom? She's just standing down here on 8th west and I thought she looked rather lonely. Is she supposed to be at school?"

Nice......I asked her if she would help her cross the street and I was on my way out the door and I'd make sure she got to school. The sweet lady was walking out of the school as I got there. She had made sure Sam got to the office, and I thanked her for her help!!

I asked Samantha what was going on? She said, "Duncan and Tori were running to fast. I just thought I would wait for you to come and get me."

There is going to be some discussion's about safety and morning routines when the kids get home from school!!!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Soccer, More Dance, Paula

Today was pretty normal. The kids woke me up yelling at each other. Yes. This is a normal school to fix that, I don't know.

Jason and I had fun today. We played and jumped on the exercise tramp. I thought of a way to play with Jason on the trampoline. We count down from 10 and then blast off to the moon. Of course he has to hold my hands and I pull him up as far as I can. He seemed to enjoy this.

Samantha had the school counselor Miss Weber come and pick her up from school today. She was very excited about it! I asked her what she did with Miss Weber and she said, "We played with K'Nex's. I made a necklace she made a top." I waited for a bit more information but that was all I got. So I prodded a little more. "What did you talk about while you played?" "You know when I get frustrated? That...." Well, that's all I got. =)

Duncan had another soccer game today. This one in Layton. They didn't win, but they played really well! Brett said that this was the best team in the league so far. Their scores were killing everyone. They held them 0-2. Both points were scored in the first half, Duncan played defense the second half.

Samantha had dance at the same time as Duncan's game so we stayed home. Then Paula came over to see Jason. She told us that she still hadn't heard from the family that said they'd donate their hearing aids to us. Jason seems to be doing ok, without the loaner at this point. But she has requested that Utah School for Deaf and Blind keep an eye out for anyone who doesn't need theirs anymore. For example if they just received a cochlear implant. We talked about working on a schedule for Jason to see, and Tori helped a lot. We have been meaning to take pictures of everything, but just haven't really thought about it. So I'm going to draw things as they come to mind as use that for a while. We also, came up with a cute song to sing to him when going to bed. Another way to warn him that a transition is coming. Tori started us out.

(sung to Row, row, row your boat.)
It is time for bed
The moon is in the sky
Blankey, bottle, stories done
Time to close your eyes.

Kind of cute. Tori was very proud of her assistance in creating it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dance, Soccer, and Spaghetti

Tori and Samantha went back to dance today. This was their first time back since our vacation. It was kind of nice to not worry about it so I took advantage of the girls forgetfulness. However, it has to start up again. They will be having their recital in June. They have to learn their many dances......

Duncan had a soccer game in Ogden today. Brett came home a little early this afternoon, so that he could pick up Duncan and rush up there. Before he left I told him to play hard, I loved him, and I felt bad that I couldn't go with to watch the game. He looked at me, a little confused, then looked at his Dad. He said, "Mom, it's ok." Then looked at Brett as if to say, "Dad's coming....?"

The fun thing about this is, THEY WON!!!! The first game this year!!!! For the most part Brett said Duncan played Defense, which is something that Duncan used to hate. He's quite good at the position though and he and Ladd are really keeping the back clear. Good Job Buddy!!!!
So dinner came late, as always. We had Spaghetti. This is a favorite amongst the children, and me of course. Jason was drawing so he came late to the dinner table, but as you can see he enjoyed every mouthful. I gave him quite a bit of noodles knowing how much he loves spaghetti, and he cleaned his plate!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Today's goings on

Jason's buddy Joel (the O.T.) came to play with him today. He's awesome, Jason loves when he comes over with all his toys. Jason has started making more eye contact and responding more so were doing good!!Then after Jason followed Joel outside and didn't want to come back in. So I took him to the backyard where the other kids were playing on the Tramp. He stayed back there with the rest of the kids for about an hour and a half. Tori is going to be my AWESOME Babysitter!!!
Of course Duncan was inside playing on his computer. Nice......This of course is his, "Please don't make me eat my dinner face."
We cleaned out the van for family night. I know. Not anything glamorous but it needed to be done. When I took this picture Duncan was still inside finishing his rice. I'm sure it was partly so he didn't have to help clean as much.
This is more proof that Jason is going to really love Tori! My new best friend!!!!

I hope they call me on a Mission

Grandma and Grandpa Siddoway are going on a Mission. They will be gone for six months in Nauvoo, IL. We spent Saturday with them at my nephew Brendan's Baptism and then yesterday at their house. We were there to watch them get Set Apart and then Duncan cried off and on for the rest of the night.

Duncan was sweet and wrote a cute card and the girls prepared them a parade. Duncan sobbed all the way home. Tori sobbed herself to sleep.

Samantha cried until I explained to her that Grandma and Grandpa were serving the Lord and that their family will get blessing while they were on their Mission. She smiled and said, "Oh....good." And went to bed.

I'll be updating more often so that Grandma and Grandpa can stay up on our lives.

Florida 2010

I'm just getting back to normalcy. We spent the 15th-21st in Florida. We got to go with Grandma and Grandpa Child, and Grandma and Grandpa Siddoway. 6 adults to 4 kids, I think we had good numbers.

It was quite the long flight but the kids did really well.

The first day we went to the Magic Kingdom. Grandma Siddoway made these really cute shirts for the kids. Disneyholics is right!

We stopped at Guest Services and told them about Jason and the girls. About how waiting in lines could be a really rough thing for my kids, and asked if there was anything they could do to help us have a better experience at the parks. They gave us some passes, that let us get in all the fast pass lanes. I felt guilty about using the kids "Disabilities" for about 5 minutes. It was AWESOME!!
Day two we went to Disney's Animal Kingdom. We hadn't been here before, so it was a new experience for just about everyone. Tori got a little tougher and went on all the rides that Duncan did. For the most part she enjoyed everything. Samantha however is still my little girl. She was afraid of just about everything. We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe, and then went out to the rides again. Jason had crashed in the restaurant, thank goodness. He had a good couple hours of sleep in the stroller.

Day three we went to Universal Studio. They also gave us a few Express Passes to help with the wait. Jason didn't get to go on many rides here so he was a little bit more frustrated then he was at Disney. However, Duncan and Tori went on just about everything. Samantha even went on the water rides, which by the way get you soaked. Non of them are meant to keep you dry!!!!

Day 4 we went to the Kennedy Space Center. I wouldn't have even worried about this stop but my Mother insisted on taking the kids somewhere Educational. The kids loved it!! It was quite fun and Duncan and Tori were very inspired.
Day 5 we went to Epcot and then back the the Magic Kingdom. The kids were tired, Samantha and Jason were ready to go home. Duncan and Tori could have probably gone another week. Grandma Siddoway took Jason back to the hotel to give him a break. He hid in the bottom of the clam car on the Finding Nemo ride and that was the end of that. We ate lunch in Mexico at Epcot, and then the rain started to downpour. We stuck it out and had some pastries in France. Samantha went back to the hotel at this point with Grandma and Grandpa Child. Then the rest of us headed over to the Magic Kingdom to hit a couple of rides, and pick up the kids souvenirs.