Saturday, February 16, 2013

November 22nd

This was Thanksgiving.  We ate lots of food!  I know it looks like I only have 1 kid in this post, but I do really have 4.  The girls were off playing most of the time.  =)

November 21st

As was previously stated we had to cut down the try that was out by the road.  Since the kids were out of school for Thanksgiving Dad decided it was a good Grandpa/Grandson activity.  They all enjoyed it and I suggested that Duncan learn to use the chainsaw.  It was a successful activity. 

However.....since I'm the worlds AWESOMEST Mom, Jason was running around at the end of November in a diaper.  Yay me!

November 20th

Jason and I got to have Thanksgiving Dinner at his school.  I met him there, and he was so excited to have eat.

Although how can you not want to eat when dinner looks like this?

Then there was this beautiful sunset.  

November 19th

Sometimes Duncan drives me nuts with how much he wants to help.  However, he's a sweet boy and his brother loves him.  One day he won't be able to lift him anymore, but I think it will be about the same time as when I can't lift him anymore.

November 18th

This is Cousin fun at it's very best!

November 17th

Brett has been trying to learn how to do block printing for a long time.  He finally figured it out and is quite good at it.  I'm quite impressed with my hubby.

Test print of the Salt Lake Temple

November 16th

This is what I found in Jason's backpack.  I love his school!

November 15th

We have been trying to get Jason to sleep somewhere besides my bed. Janice made us this awesome puff quilt for our wedding.  I took it into the cleaners and than made him all nice and snuggly.  It only works for about an hour or two at the most.  But at least Brett and I can get comfortable before he climbs in with us.

November 13th

We were having a really hard time keeping the furnace lit at the beginning of the winter.  I was convinced that we were going to have to buy a new furnace.  However my most AMAZING husband figured out what needed to be fixed!!!

Duncan started wrestling practice.  This was him not wearing shoes.  He just looked at me and said.  I'll have to take them off anyway.

November 12th

Tori made the mistake of spinning Jason.  This went on for about 30 minutes.  She was ready for bed when he finally stopped.

November 11th

I thought it was kind of fun that there were icicles and roses on this bush.

That is....until it fell over.  Don't worry.  Brett braced it back up.

We had to take down that tree eventually.  It was obviously not going to make it much longer.

Every time Jason sees snow he stops and eats some.  

November 10th

A friend of mine let me take a dog crate to try and toilet train Daisy.  Well, it was too small for Daisy.  Surprise....This is what happens when there is a cage available.  The two dogs are on the couch.

Jason is in the cage.....

Samantha decided that she really wanted to play in the snow.  This was the first time this year that there was enough to do anything with.  (I'm over it now.  I'm ready for spring.)  Yes...those are socks on her hands.

Jason actually got into the action.  He has enjoyed the snow this year.  Well....eating it anyway.

November 8th

Tori had her first Braces removed that day.  She was NOT happy.  It hurt to have them pulled off.  So I took a picture to remind her she's a tough girl.

Jason really thinks Daddy is a jungle gym.  He could have Daddy throw him around all day long.

Brett went through a phase.  He thought he needed to grow a beard.  Not my favorite.  It felt weird to kiss him.  I'm happy that didn't last for very long.

November 6th

Voting!!!  I really felt like there was no reason for me to vote in this Presidential election.  I live in Utah.....If I vote Republican Or Democrat my one vote wasn't going to change anything.  Paint the state red and move on.  It just felt like a waste of time.  However, Samantha really wanted me to go vote, so we walked to the school and she pushed all the buttons for me.  She was so excited to play a part in it.

November 3rd

 We drove to Nevada to see our Nephew Spencer get Baptized.  It was only about a 3.5 drive there so we figured if we were going to drive to Arizona for Regan's we needed to go for Spencers.

My boss Tara gave me a bunch of clothes for Tori.  This is one of the many pieces she now has.

Samantha is growing up as well.  That was Tori's Easter dress a couple years back.

Jason didn't feel to well, but he did ok on the way down.  

We stopped at Mcdonald's and they and some funky stools.  It was quite the fight over who got them.

Aurora came with us.  She just loves hanging with our family.

After the baptism Jason freaked out!  We went to Denny's for dinner and he cried forever!!  There was no consoling him.  I didn't know what was going on.  There was a Big 5 sports across the parking lot so I took him for a walk.  I thought they might have some tramps.  Nope......Instead I tried the ski you can see the weight of the helmet didn't help either.  So I went back to the restaurant in hopes that our food was ready.  Walla!!!  He was hungry......I wish he could talk.

October 31st, Halloween

Jason had his Classroom Party on Halloween morning.  I drove him up to the school and he proceeded to cry almost the whole time.  

I got him home and he crashed.  And then he had a fever.  Sigh...

He did eventually stop crying.  However we didn't do much for Halloween with him.

We did go to Grandma and Grandpa Siddoway's Trunk-or-Treat.  Once again I had to get a picture.  Jason was uninterested!  

The kids always enjoy the hay ride!  Duncan is always in charge of Jason so he doesn't jump off. 

And of course Halloween wouldn't be halloween without a hot dog from Grandpa.
This was the first year I didn't go with one of the kids.  Duncan, Tori and Samantha hit the neighborhood all by themselves. 

October 29th

The 29th was the day we made Jack-O-Lanterns.  Apparently Halloween is ruined if we don't so it had to be done.  Jason sits behind me all the time while I work, so I had to sneak a picture of him doing that.

I love this picture.  It shows all of my sweet family!

I think Jason thought that the pumpkins were watermelon.  I'm not sure....He loved the taste of the pumpkin.

Then it was time for the Ward Trunk-or-Treat.  This was the best my kids looked for Halloween.  I think they did well.  Duncan was a vampire, Tori was a witch, Samantha was a White Ninja, and Jason was Clark Kent.  

Brett decided he'd also dress up for the Trunk-or-Treat he was a Lumber Jack.

My flash was awesome on Duncan's eyes.  That and the fact that he was a vampire made him look AWESOME!!!