Tuesday, July 31, 2012


We went swimming again this evening. With Jason full of piss and vinegar it was necessary. The older kids are still enjoying the water, but it's not as hard to get them out of the pool as it used to be. When they know you will be going swimming again the next day they cooperate pretty quickly.

Tori saw a dragon in the clouds. I thought it was pretty cool looking so I took a picture.

I also have an app on my phone so I thought I would play with it. :)


Tonight Brett and I went to the gym. My hand is pretty sore now. We did band touch and reach, band 3 arm combo, dumbell punches, push up row rows, knee chucks, tire hop burpees, jumping jacks, jump rope, and the run of fire.

It's been a very frustrating day for this Mama. Jason has caused me some tension. So it was nice to have momentary break.


This boy wants to be naked all day! I think he waits until he goes to the bathroom in his diaper first, though. Most of the time anyway. On Sunday Brett woke me up because he was so excited. Jason had brought him a new diaper. He was naked, but he brought him a diaper. Then Tori came upstarts freaking out because Jason had pooped in her quilt. Sigh.....baby steps and breathing.....

Summertime Help

Jason has re-discovered his love for cracking eggs. He has gone through 4 boxes of Popsicles and he has cracked a dozen eggs in the kitchen. I just discovered the eggs haven't stayed in the kitchen. God of summer please help me make it through.

Summer Band

Tori gets to go to the school 4 days a week for a month.  She is going to start learning how to make some noise with that flute finally.

Child Family Reunion

We had our Child Family Reunion this year at Cherry Hill.  We only had 3 days, but it was packed full of fun.  We went on July 25th to the camp ground and Brett set everything up.

July 26th we all went to Lagoon.  We prepared for the worst case scenario and got a t-shirt for Jason.  My In-Laws have a vinyl cutter and we cut out some iron on and made this AWESOME shirt.  It gave us quite a few looks, but at least we were ready...just in case.

The first ride was The bat.  The kids had so much fun.  Jason wasn't sure at first but once it stopped he grabbed the safety bar and threw a fit until we got back into line.

Jeff insisted that my Dad go on a ride with him.  They think they are so grown up.  =)

Duncan and I went on Jet Star 2.  I made him film it.  It's kind of fun.

Samantha didn't like going on the big rides, but she loved going on the kiddy rides.  She would have stayed in this area all day if she didn't have older siblings she would have.
Jason was loving the rides, so I figured Samantha could be the big girl and take her little brother on a ride. I'm grateful that Jason didn't try to get out of his seat belt.
 Here we were on Puff.  Duncan wanted to take Jason on every ride he could. 
 Here Duncan and I are waiting for everyone to go to Pioneer Village.
 My kids don't wait very well, so we ended up going on the log ride before everyone else got there for lunch.  We were soaked.  It's funny.  I remember the ride feeling much longer when I was little.

My parents decided they wanted a picture of the grand kids dressed up.  You can imagine how successful that would be with Jason.  He did pretty good considering.   He was the last one to be placed and we had to re-place him every shoot.  But it was fun, and the kids got a good picture.



After that we were all spent.  We got ice cream and Jason got an ICEE.  He must have been really dry because he drank the whole thing by himself.

I made Samantha go on the Tidal Wave, (She screamed the whole time) and then we could go on the lovely train.  She was so excited to go on a calm ride.

 Jason went on Wicked, and Colossus. He loved them.  Then Duncan wanted to take him on a Ferris wheel type ride that actually spins you upside down.   Once again....he loved it.  Duncan is so proud of his baby brother.
 The girls had to wait to go on the sky ride.  I thought they were going to cry from waiting.
 Once we got off the sky ride it was time to go to the Rocket.  I hate these types of rides so Brett got to go with them.  

I'm quite impressed with my phone.  I got this shot from the video.

 Then we went on the Flying Aces.  Jason actually clapped and said Yay after the first ride.
 July 27th we went into the water park at Cherry Hill.  My kids could spend all day in the park. Jason's favorite part was the old hydrotubes.  He got to the point where he would go stand in line and wait as patiently as he possibly could.  But we spent most of the time in the lazy river.

Duncan has to torment my Dad every once in a while.

This is what I did at Cherry Hill.  I figured if we would really lose him anywhere it would be at the water park.  However.....we did come out still having 4 kids.

We then went and took family pictures.  Our family keeps getting bigger.  Even if the numbers don't the kids are growing!!  This was the last of the pictures.  I'll post them as soon as I get them from Leslie.
That evening we watched a movie outside.  My folks have an old screen and Chad brought a projector. The kids loved that experience.

The last thing we did was go to Farmington Pond and the kids played and swung from the rope swing.  Jason waited only long enough for me to let go of his hand, and then he was in the pond! 

 He got cold and decided Aunt Berrie was warm...I think.

Tori is 12

My beautiful little girl has turned 12.  How did that happen?  She's so excited to be in Young Women at church.  She is so sweet and helpful.  There are times when I know we have started reaching teenage-hood, but she is growing up quite nicely.  I know that she will be a great teenager and a great adult.  She is so responsible.  Sigh....time flies!!!

2000 Stripling Warriors

Duncan was in the Bountiful Handcart Days Parade.  He was part of the group that was the 2000 stripling Warriors from the Book of Mormon.  It was a fun time, and Duncan enjoyed being in the parade.  I can't find him in the videos, but he said the kid in front of him had a muppet on his stick.  That might be helpful as you look.  =)

Awesome us!!!

Brett decided that we was going to do the strongman workout at the gym, and I decided that I wanted to do it as well.  I know it sounds crazy, but dangit, I'm a strong chick!!

I can push and pull quite a bit, I just have no stamina to save my life.  So I thought it would be satisfying.  And it was!!

First we swung the sledge hammer.  It was fairly easy to do it with my right hand, but the left took some figuring out.

Next we flipped some tractor tires.  Brett has done this quite a bit, but this was the first time that I had done it.  I'm quite pleased with myself.  
Next we pulled a suburban.  Brett did it first and then I did.  Brett did just fine and pulled it all the way.  I had a hard time breathing.  I think I was having an asthma attack.  I fell and broke a bone in my wrist.  Oh well......I'm still awesome.

Then we pulled the suburban.  Brett did this first again.  Check out those AWESOME fore-arms.  He's quite the man!  And I am one lucky woman!!!
I struggled.  Jason pushed the suburban while I pulled it.  I was tired, so I was grateful.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Crazy Sunset

The sunset was just crazy one night.  I went to take a picture of it, and I giggled because it looked like my house was on fire.  Which of course wouldn't be funny if it was for real!

my boys

I took this picture with him sitting next to his buddy Curtis.  Duncan has no problem giving his brother hugs and kisses.  He loves him so much is almost palpable!

Swimming with Jason

My needy boy

I can't wait until school starts.  this boy is always after me!!

Because I'm crazy

We are in the pool so much that i bought a water proof pouch for my phone.  I think these pictures are fun!