Friday, April 27, 2012


Samantha had a doctors appointment to explore the world of meds. Its been so long since Sam has been to the doctor that they ran some basic check up tests. The nurses aide asked Sam to pee in a cup. You should have seen the look on her face. I'm sorry I missed it. The tests did show that she has some white blood cells in her urine, bit since it wasn't a sterile cup we get to do it again and I get to drive her urine to the office on Monday or Tuesday.

Catching up

I got to sub in Jason's class again.  I love seeing him at school

A little worn out after school.
Yes.  I'm awesome!  Ok.....maybe not, but I found this app and I thought it was kind of funny. 
Just taking picutres of my tired girl. 

Catching up

We went with the In-Laws to the Lorax.  It was quite the adventure.  Jason was highly uninterested int he movie
 The rest of the kids enjoyed it.
 This was the only thing Jason watched.  The Credits.  Anyone who knows Jason,will know that you don't turn off a movie until the credits are over.  Duncan wanted to leave, but I advised him that his brother had watched the movie for him, now it was his turn to watch the credits for his brother.
 As always we had to go to Chuck-a-Rama afterward.  This is a family tradition that Duncan started.  After the movie we go eat at Chuck-a-Rama.
 After the movie we went to Leslie's house for Fight Night.  Duncan was enjoying put wrestling moves on Jason.  Jason was enjoying it as well.

I will never have a fridge like this.  Poor Leslie probably had to wash feet prints off of everything. 

Catching up

The 2012 Braille Challenge

Tori waiting for things to start.  Eating Breakfast.
 Jason trying to sleep.
 Tori found her friends and stuck with them the whole time.
 This is how we survived the wait.  I found a cubby to put Jason in and laid in front of it.  I did get a few stares.
 Samantha getting her award.

 Tori getting hers.
My cute girls!! 

Tori and Sam's VLOG

I fnished editing this last night before I went to bed.  So awesome.  =)


This is why I wanted to have the kids VLOG.  I came across this video on Sam's iPod and it was sooooo Samantha!!  I thought it would be fun to capture their thoughts an put it on the blog.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I told the kids that they could Vlog and I'd publish it. We'll see how that goes.


Well I found my keys last night. They had fallen out if my pocket in the truck that Brett had borrowed for the day. So I'm picking Duncan up from school. I heard a rumor there is only 20 days left of school. I'm not sure of thats right but I'm not sure I'll survive the summer.


Jason woke up at 5:00 again. Sigh!!! I'm not sure Brett can take much more of this. I say Brett because we gave Jason another sleeping pill and he finally went back to sleep at seven. We both woke up at 11:30. Brett however got to go to work. He also gets to drive Duncan up to a soccer game I don't know how far away but it will be a bit of a drive.

Now I'm working....getting Jason a Popsicle.....working.....getting Jason a a bottle. I'm going to be putting dinner in the crock pot soon. Good thing it has a high setting.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The gym

Tire push up 12 x 2
Tire Hops 8 x 2
Man makers 8
Bag d-bell crunches 40
TRX butt rippers 15 each
Rope ball walking lunges 40
Band 3 arm combo 20-20-20 x 2
Tire hop burpee 20
RIP touch jumps 40
Bag hop burpee 15
BOSU switch foot 100
Touch jumps 35

Tori and Sam are my sweet baby sitters and I came home to a sleeping Jason.


I can't tell you how many times I've lost my keys. Sigh..... It's a little more frustrating when you know you are supposed to pick your son up and you can't find them. Secondly the phone that your son brings to school is either dead or he is ignoring you. Then on top of that your psychosis gets the better if you as you pace the floor hoping he is just walking home, because he isn't calling and you can't get a hold of him. Knowing that the girls will be coming home soon you put the 4 year old with Autism in a wagon and pace out front so you can walk up toward the school as soon as the girls get home. When you see the said Junior High kid turn the corner the
Relief fills your heart, because you know he is safe. As you approach him you ask why he didn't answer his phone, and the death rays flash from his eyes. "where were you!" As you Ty to explain that you couldn't find your keys....etc. he turns his back on you and enters the home not talking to you for about an hour.

And I was worried....why?

Baths. Lots of baths

As I write this Jason is in the tub. We had spaghetti for dinner last night. Can you tell from this picture? Baths are very important for my boy. He really likes to sit under the running water. Last night Brett yelled in the bathroom in a gruff voice, "hey!" Jason actually looked!!!! He opened the shower curtain to see what was going on. I had to just lean in and hug my husband. I think Jason is going to stay in our world now instead of just the one in his head!!!!!


My sweet sister just sent me the Easter family picture. I like having a sister who knows how to use a camera.


Ok....I give up!!! I've been trying for months to catch up on my blog and am failing miserably. I'm going to still "catchup" but since I can blog from my phone and most of the picture are taken with my phone I'm going to just start blogging again.

The reason I took a picture of my breakfast is because my sweet husband made me a "lower" calorie biscuit. Yes I know it's still a biscuit but it's better than going to McDonalds for breakfast.

My sweet husband takes care of me.

Friday, April 20, 2012