Friday, May 21, 2010

Play Group, Painting, Neighbors, Music, and Dance

Jason and I had a hard time waking up yesterday morning. I wasn't really sure we were going to make it to Playgroup on time but we were successful. Jason does really good with the schedule strip. He really understanding what they want him to do. He sat through circle time pretty well. He really likes the train song. He smiles every time we do the actions to that one. They have a bubble machine and instead of jumping up and running through them as the other kids do, he lays down and lets them fall on top of him. Kind of a funny reaction if you ask me.

We then played with the play dough. Jason is my artsy boy. He loves anything that he can create with.
I love the look on his face here.
Then Kerianne pulled out a tent and tunnel. He wanted to just sit in the tunnel and hang out. Of course there were three other kids there so that wasn't quite as successful as he wanted it to be. He actually participated in his own way though. The last time he wouldn't even look at the kids.
We got home and Mom came over to do some more painting. She isn't liking the way the backward sunflower is looking so she will repaint that to be a forward facing sunflower. The girls get excited everytime they come home and it's been added to. Jason and I sat on the girls beds and watched Mom paint. Jason was enthralled, and then he wanted to help. He was so cute, he kept crinkling his eye brows and bighting his lip as he watched Grandma paint.
I finally got Jason down for a nap, and the kids were home from school. Our new neighbor came over and we talked on the front porch until Brett came home from work.

Brett let me jump back into working at this point and made dinner. Right before he had to run to a stake music meeting. The poor guy has had more stuff to do after work this week then ever. He wants me to go to the Organ lessons. Ya, right!!!!

Tori had Ballet and Tap while Brett was at his meeting. I'll be glad when we finally get a good break.

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