Tuesday, December 27, 2011

November 25th

I chopped off my hair.  This is something I do periodically when I'm really tired of wearing it in a bun.  I donated 12 inches to Locks of Love.  It's always entertaining to see the looks on the hair dressers face when you tell them to take it all off.  I like it.  I think it will be a good hairstyle for me until it grows....and grows....and than I decided to chop it off again.  

Letters to Santa November 22

This is a yearly tradition at our house.  This was something that Brett's family did.  I had never heard of this, but the kids think its a lot of fun.  We write our letters to Santa and then read them out loud so everyone can hear them.  Then we put them in the fireplace and light them on fire.  

The ashes then go up the chimney, and up to the North Pole.

 Once they get there they are reassembled in Santa's Chimney.  That is how the letters get to Santa Claus from our house.  =)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Nov 21st School Counselor

The school counselor called us to remind us that we had an appointment with her and Duncan on the 21st.  I just about had a heart attack, and then Duncan told me it was for SEOP's.  Which is similar to SEP's only it's with a counselor instead of the teachers.  We have had some problems with Duncan and his grades.  Basically he does it and then doesn't turn it in.  AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How frustrating is that???????  So this appointment ended up being a bit of a tease fest with Duncan.  Three adults picking on him.  =)

It was actually really nice.  I could tell that she had seen many 7th graders in this predicament.  However it was also nice to have one more adult telling him it's not ok to do this.  So hopefully we can get him out of his 7th grade transition soon!!!!

Showing his Autism

This is my boy between my couch and my coffee table.  There is a heater vent almost right where he is, but I think it was the tight space, because I'm not sure if the heater was on full-time yet.

Bath Time!

Boy does this kid love the water!!!

November 14th

Jason had a doctors appointment this day.  I don't remember exactly why.  He's been having a steady stream of appointments every 4 months or so.  I think it was just a routine check up.
The girls also had SEPS.  Tori went first.and her teacher loves her.  She had nothing but good things to say about her.  Her teacher really tries to prep them for Jr. High so she has them figure out their GPA.  Tori made the Honor Roll for her class.  The main thing I remember is that her teacher said she has a very good imagination and she is very good as telling stories.

Samantha was next.  Her teacher loves her as well, and really likes having her in her class.  They are making a book of their year so Samantha hasn't brought home very many things yet, so they showed us her book as has been completed so far.  Samantha struggles with slowing down and doing things right.  She wants to rush through and be the first done.  She is really helping her to remember this and her work is looking great.

My Mother's 60th girls day out Nov 12th

I can't believe that my Mom is 60!!!

We (Leslie) decided we needed to do something for her birthday so we went to get our toes done.
Ok, well that was only one of the things we did.  That's the only thing I took a picture of though.

All the girls, older girls, went to get a pedicure.  Then we went to lunch.  Then we went shopping.

It was a lot of fun, just sitting and relaxing.  My legs had been hurting from the gym so it was LOVELY to have someone rub my calves.  It was also nice to just sit and chat and giggle a little bit.  Especially when Berrie was struggling not to take her feet out of the ladies hands.  She a bit ticklish.

We went to lunch......at......um.....I can't remember the restaurants name.  I know fairly pathetic.  But again, we enjoyed visiting and talking about kids, and friends, and Dad.  It was fun to have a girls night out, and have my Mother actually feel comfortable talking.  She can be a bit quiet when there are more people around that aren't family.

Than we went shopping for some clothes for Mom.  Not my favorite thing shopping.  I did get some cute flats while we were there.  Traci is the family fashionesta so I basically followed her around and pointed out the ugliest things on the rack.  It was pretty entertaining.  Mom was uncomfortable, but enjoying being the center of attention.

My Dad called about 4:00pm trying to figure out where we were.  He can't be without my Mother for longer than 3 hours, at least if he's not at work.

Poor Brett was without my help for about 8 hours.  It was a lovely break for me.

Good Quote

I found this quote online.  I don't know if it's a true quote from Churchill, but either way I like it!

Jason and Greg

Greg has been working with Jason a little bit alone, so he can see if he will focus better without me in the room. Greg got an ipad after working with Jason a little bit, so this was him and Jason working with the ipad.

Silly Singing Time Stuff

Brett and I were recently called to be in the Primary.  Brett is a Primary teacher and I get to do Singing Time for the Senior Primary.  I'm so excited!!!  This is the one and only craft I've done for singing time.  However I thought he was pretty cute. Notice to look on the turkey's face.  After you pluck all his feathers he is covering his behind.  =)

Jason and Daddy

How cute is that!! Brett was coating the walls so maybe we could paint.  What happens?  My sweet baby wants to join in.  Only for a minute, but long enough for me to take a picture.

Jason and Cocoa

There are definitely times that I am tired of this puppy.  However, this is one of the times I love her.  Look at how well she is paying attention to him.  She is really in tune to Jason and his needs.  I love this dog!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

November 5th and 6th

Duncan had a camp out this weekend.  It had been fairly warm, but the weather man said to expect snow.  I don't think Duncan would have wanted to go but they were going to be shooting the next day, and they wouldn't have been able to shoot if they didn't go on the camp out.  The real draw was one of the Scout leaders was going to be bringing he AK-47.  A must do so he went to the camp out.

The fun was the struggle I had getting Duncan to pack correctly.  Seriously!!!  First he left his coat in his locker.  Coats are uncool in Jr. High.  I told him to get his butt inside and get his coat.  He fought me.  "They close the halls to students now, they won't let me get it."  I told him if I had to lead him by the hand inside to get his coat I would do it.  So he finally went inside and was able to get his coat.

When we got home he fought me about how many blankets he needed, whether he need long johns, whether gloves and a hat would be necessary.  If it would be more beneficial to back the water proof pading over the old egg shell.  It was RIDICULOUS!!!!

By the time he was in the car I was advising the leaders that it would be ok to leave him up there.  (Joking of course.)

The next morning Brett went to help with Bountiful Baskets and the troop was home eating breakfast at the scout leaders house.  They got a foot of snow dumped on them.  One of the other boys told Duncan to knock the snow off the tent.  So Duncan smacked the side of the tent right where a tent pole was and he broke the pole, collapsing the tent.  So instead of trying to eat breakfast in that insanity they packed up and came home.

They ran up to the shooting range and Duncan was ecstatic!!!  It didn't matter how much snow dumped on him, he was going shooting.  I guess an AK-47 is worth any amount of misery.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Duncan started wrestling.  He wants to wrestle this year in Jr. High so we thought it would be a good idea for him to start on a club.  The wrestling coach of the Jr. High is also in charge of the club.  
I really do think he could do well in this sport, as long as he can keep his grades up.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Piano Lessons

Tori is getting better and better with each piano lesson.

Samantha has a tendency to not practice so she struggles with the new stuff.

However Mom's concern is that Samantha will bypass Tori.  So no practice right now is good for everyone.  =)


Halloween would not be complete without carving pumpkins.
 My sweet girls loved every minute of this.
 This was Samantha's first time cleaning out the pumpkin.  She did think it was pretty gross.
 Alaric with Jason.  Love this kid!!  I'm going to miss him when he goes to college and his mission.
 Samantha picking up her hot dog from Grandpa Siddoway at their wards Trunk or Treat.
 Jason saw the play ground and that was all she wrote.
 Duncan was just going to be a soldier but his friend took him to get his face painted so he was a zombie soldier.  His buddy Curtis was a Man in Black.  And yes....they thought they were being so funny!!!
 Jason really didn't want his picture taken.
 Samantha is my fabulous Ghost Buster.  Her Daddy threw her costume together and I think it turned out pretty good.
 Tori just wanted to be a zombie.  The first time I had Duncan put the green paint on her face while driving to Traci's house, it was a little scary, and not in a good way.  Everyone thought she was the incredible hulk.  So this time I think it turned out much better.
 Again....Jason not wanting his picture taken.  Alaric was trying to help me out and not be in the picture.
 There's my scary ghost and my scary zombie.
 This is my really scary crew.  And yes...we claim Curtis as well.
 Trick or Treating at Bob's across the street.  Bob's favorite holiday to decorate for is Halloween.  He always goes all out.
 Brett's Pumpkin turned out pretty cute.
 The Jack-o-Lanterns on the porch.
 Tori with her Bat pumpkin.
 Samantha with her Jack-o-Lantern.  They were both so proud!!!

Bad Mom and Dad

Jason loves my parents swing.  He also loves to spin.  So Brett and I took it upon ourselves to see if Jason really gets dizzy.  Ok, really we just thought he was having a good time.  Which he was. 

Than he got out of the swing and he threw up all over my parents driveway.  Guess what.....Jason gets dizzy.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

October 26th

On the 26th, I decided to take Jason Bowling before we went to therapy.  He enjoyed it a lot.  Of course no one else was bowling so he got to continue to do so, but it was a really good game for him.

Then we had O.T.  He did really well this day.  He was so cooperative that Julia just kept doing different things.

After O.T. he had Speech.  Let me tell you it was a long day.  However, Greg said to take him bowling before EVERY therapy session!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Duncan's Halloween Concert

I just went to Duncan's Christmas Orchestra Concert and I'm posting his Halloween concert.....sad isn't it.  Some day I will get caught up......=P

Thursday, December 15, 2011

October 24th

I feel guilty.  Most of my pictures are of Jason.  However, I really do spend most of my time with Jason.  

Anyway, this is how we spend a lot of our time,  in bed.  Jumping on the bed.  Under covers.  I thought this was kind of a cute set of pictures, so I decided to post them.  =)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

October 23rd

The 23rd was a Sunday.  We always visit the in-laws and my parents.  This day was fun because Duncan and Tori had finished reading Grandpa Siddoway's book The Hut in the Tree in the Woods.  This is a book about Grandpa's adventures with Cousin Bill.  So the kids were asking questions about what happened "really".  They also wanted to hear Grandpa tell some of their favorite parts of the book.  I loved every minute of this exchange!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

October 22nd

Duncan had a soccer game out by my sisters house on the 22nd of October. They had the most entertaining playground I've ever seen!!! Jason didn't even want to leave the park, there was just something about it.
He made it all the way over this "ladder"?
Samantha was very proud of herself on the climbing wall. Of course once she got up she wasn't sure about how to get down.
Tori thought it was more fun to go over the rings than through them.
This slide was weird! The idea was to put your bum in the groove, wrap your legs around it and hold on. Tori was a little nervous at first.
Samantha didn't have a very easy time because she was in a skirt.
Jason however went over and over and over and over and over..........need I say more?
I love this picture. My girl sitting on top and my baby sitting in the middle like a monkey. Well that is one of his nick names.
He would have stayed all night!!!
However I wanted to go watch the soccer game so I took his hand and said, lets go watch Duncan. Jason let go and shook his head no. HUGE!!!!!! So I said to him, "Because you shook your head no you can stay as long as you want to." After a few minutes I showed him the iPad and asked if he wanted to go watch the soccer game. He took my hand and we went over. I couldn't believe it. (of course it hasn't happened since, but whatever.)

Duncan's team got spanked!! We were facing the sun, and honestly there wasn't much to take pictures of.

However I did get to sit on the bench with Jason and Brett so I got a lovely picture of Duncan and his penny.
Afterward we went to Traci's house to have dinner and watch the new Pirates of the Carribean movie that was out on DVD. It was fun, but I still get majorly stressed out when we go to her house. Jason is not an easy kid to control, and with the darn movie room, he goes crazy. He loves that stinking thing!!!!