Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The best!

As a kid I remember the rare occasions I was awake when my Dad got home from work.  Without fail he would pull some sort of cookies from his "stash".  My father has hidden cookies around the house for years!  I'm not sure that it's good to hide your habits from your family.  Anyway.  My favorite was to sit down and have him pour me some milk and we would eat our cookies.  It's the place that I learned what the perfect dunk was.  How to watch for the end of the bubbles.  Ya.  I like cookies and milk.  I think it will always remind me of my Dad.

Typing Practice

Samantha is brought home typing homework.  I think we started a computer class in sixth grade and then had to taking typing in jr. high.  Technology is pushing these kids into the real world pretty fast.  

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jason Likes his Oreo's

A while back Jason found a picture of some oreos.  He brought me the picture and put it in my hand.  With his sweet little smile on his face.  I said, "Baby, Mama doesn't have any oreo's right now."  I put the picture down and he picked it up and put it in my hand.  Once I again I repeated that we didn't have any oreo's. I went upstairs, and sat at my desk to work.  The little punk once again, brought the picture upstairs, and put it in my hand.  How do I refuse?  I told Duncan to watch his brother, I was going to buy oreos.  I went to the store and when I came back, I showed him to cookies.  The look on his face was priceless.  It was as if he was just thrilled he got his point across.  I love my boy!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Duncan has joined the wrestling team.  In January really all they did was conditioning.  He was not a very happy boy, but I think he has the talent and strength for wrestling.  We'll see how things progress in this area.

I blew it!!

I received an email from the LDS Church Promotions Department.  They were considering Duncan to play the roll of a young Spencer W. Kimball.  I failed!!!!!  I didn't see the email until the evening after they wanted a response back.  I was so sad!  I tried to send in a few more head shots, but it was past the dead line.  

It might have worked.  Duncan definitely has the ears for the part.  =)

Impressing the young'uns

We got a Wii for Christmas.  The thing I was most excited about is you could download old games from the other systems.  Yes...I was a HUGE Nintendo NES nerd.  I played Super Mario Brothers until I dreamed about it.  Duncan told me a was a Mario Beast....I guess this is a good thing?

Brett was more of a Legend of Zelda guy.  He has enjoyed his time with Zelda immensely!  Duncan is doing his best to beat me in Mario Brothers....We'll see if that ever happens.

Playing in the Snow

My girls love to play in the snow!!!  They also love to play with the kids next door.  Gotta love my girls.


My Brother-in-Law has been bugging me to make him an afghan since I made Duncan's.  Brett's family rotates through names of siblings for Christmas.  It was his turn so I made him one.  I think it turned out pretty nice!!  In fact I already have a request for another one from another Brother-in-Law.  Thank goodness we have a few years until I have to make that one.  Whew......=)

My Insanity

Jason has been giving us trouble in staying in his seat belt.  He's getting huge!!  So we can't put him back in his 5 point harness car seat.  I wasn't sure what to do, so asked around.  No one had any inexpensive ideas until the kids Nurse Practitioner, Lisa, came up with a plan.  Put him in a life jacket and than us a carabiner clip and hook him to the seat belt.  Bingo!!
This was my little addition.  Brett has a life vest that is WAYYYYY to big for him now.  So I grabbed it and it actually fits around Jason and the seat.  He has escaped once and so we might still need the carabiner, but he hasn't been as much trouble since we started using the life vest!!! 

Jason loves books and trains

This is something fairly new.  Ok...well Jason has always loved books, but it usually involved ripping and tearing.  He has decided they are worth looking at now.  I love it!!!

We kind of bought our house because the train ran through the back yard.  Well the price was right, and everything else as well.  When we were looking at houses we stopped by to show this one to my in-laws and parents and Duncan would flip!!  He would ask, "Mom, can we go back to the Choo Choo house?"  So to have my sweet baby following in his brothers footsteps is awesome!

January 3rd

Jason had to have some dental work done.  Since I was getting dental insurance at the beginning of the new year we set it up right after.  Jason is such a sweet boy, but he was tired...hungry....and desperately wanted a bottle.  For the most part he was really good...until the office lady turned off the credits of the show they were watching.  That just about did us in.

For the most part it was just waiting.  Jason Horgesheimer (J.H.) did Jason's dental work.  He used to be in our Bishopric when we first moved into the ward.  He is really sweet, and my Jason connected with him almost instantly.  We were called back to get started and J.H. disappeared.  The Anesthesiologist took over and just let the root beer flavored gas blow into his face.  I was holding him and since Jason doesn't sit still I got some good shots of the gas.  Finally he went to sleep and we put him down on the chair.  We went into the waiting room and I crashed!!!  Ya....I did get a good dose of the gas.

When it was all done, J.H. came out and told us that he did 9 crowns.  Since Jason grinds so much and had so many more cavities he said that he wanted to make sure he had some teeth left.  =)  Since we are double covered we so far haven't had to pay anything..thank goodness.

The nurse came back to get me when he was starting to stir.  I want back and she was going to start reading me the release information and Jason started waking up.  I was right there when he started to freak out.  Brett said he knew when Jason woke up he could hear him in the waiting room.  When he wakes up from anesthesia he's horse.  He sounds terrible.  He kept grabbing at his face like there was something in the way, which freaked me out.  For about 3 minutes I thought he was having trouble breathing.  When I voiced me opinion to the nurse she said it was the Novocaine.  That made sense!!

Jason doesn't like anything sticking to his skin.  If he has a band-aid on it bothers him until he removes it.  You can't remove being numb.  My poor boy was freaking out!!!!  Finally the nurse read us the release papers and than went and got Brett.  Brett carried him to the car and he put him down so he could open the door.  While I was unlocking the car, Jason proceeded to head put the van.  He was angry!

This is the video of the drive home.  He had taken off his I.V. bandage, so his face was covered in blood.  If we had been pulled over I think we would have had a hard time explaining that one.

After we got home we gave him some Clonodine, so that he would go back to sleep.  Our hope was that when he woke up he wouldn't be numb.
It worked.  My sweet baby was back!!!  However it did take a few weeks for him to get used to his new teeth.  On the plus side, he really can't get the sensory input from grinding his teeth.  Metal against Metal is quite as exciting to him.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Movie Night

We were able to go to a movie with Duncan, Tori and Samantha.  Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Siddoway who took Jason for us.  There hasn't been a movie in the last 2 years that I've sat through with Jason.  Not that we go to very many, but he really CAN'T sit that long.

We got to see the Adventures of Rin Tin Tin.  The girls enjoyed it.  It was kind of fun that the arm rest lift up.  By the end of the movie I had both of them snuggled in and enjoying the show.
 Duncan and Brett also enjoyed the show.  It was definitely a good pick for our little group.
 We met up with Grandma, Grandpa and Jason at Iggies.  The kids like to go there because you get an ice cream sundae with your kids meal.  Jason was so excited to see us it was cute.  He kept hugging me.  Than to everyone's surprise, he ate his dinner.  The boy was hungry. 
 If the fire is on, the kids always have to I always have to get a picutre.

New Years Eve 2011-2012

 These lovely treats are a requirement at my house on New Years Eve.  Brett thinks the "squeezy Cheez" is disgusting, but it was something we always had at my house growing up so I'm passing this strange tradition on. 
 Jason crashed pretty early, but my other three were raring to go.  They are pretty stickin' cute if I do say so myself.
Another tradition is watching the ball drop in NYC, just like everyone else.  Here 's Samantha counting along.  She is a very sweet thing.


Out of the blue one day, I decided to take the kids bowling.  What I hadn't realized was that Brett had taken the van.  So I called him and told him we were going to walk to the Bowling Alley and he could meet us there with the van.  It was kind of fun.  The kids enjoyed the walk, and it was quite the fun time on Christmas Break.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Since Valentine's just occurred I figured it is about time I posted Christmas stuff.  Christmas was wonderful. Family filled and full of blessings.  We love spending time with everyone.  It's amazing how fast this kids grow up.  I love my family!!  Merry Christmas everyone!!!  =)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tori's Orchestra and the sing along

Tori's Orchestra Class performed at the schools Christmas Sing Along Program.  She did really well!!  She's the nice festive one in the pink striped sweater.  I think I have a couple of talented kids.  =)

The classes all learn Christmas Songs and they have fun sharing them.

This is Ssmantha's Class i promise.  She was in the front.  I tried to at least get the back of her head, but apparently she's a little shorter than the rest.

This is Tori's Class.  I really can't understand what they are saying, but they are all enjoying it.

Spanish Christmas Carolls

Duncan really didn't want me to go to this early morning Christmas Presentation.  He had to be there for his grades, but I had to go anyway.  =)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Jason's in Primary

This is Jason's Buddy Arwen.
Jason has been in Nursery for a long time.  He was supposed to go to Primary last year, but our Primary presidency and his teachers really didn't know how to handle him.  I guess we didn't help much, but it's hard to try and push someone to help your kid when they REALLY don't want to.

Arwen is one of my favorite people.  He LOVES my boy.  It doesn't matter what is wrong or what extra care he needs.  He wants to help me boy.

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have someone reach out to him, without me having to explain every little thing that is wrong with him.  Arwen, just loves me boy.

Primary so far has been wonderful this year.  We have a new Primary Presidency and Jason has two AWESOME teachers.  They WANT to help him the best they can.  I've asked them to attempt to get him to stay quiet during the prayer.  That's it....because it's a place to start.  I'm going to be extra vigilant at home so having them reinforce it at church will be fabulous.

Again, I love it when people want to work with my sweet baby!

Magic Trick and Tutorial

Duncan is obsessed with Tutorials on Youtube.  I came across these and thought they were awesome!

Duncan's Christmas Orchestra Concert

My boy thinks he's such a stud....because he is.  =)

This is the girl he has/had a crush on.  I'm not sure if he still does, but he did at the time.  =) 

Grandma Siddoway watched the other kids so that Duncan's concert wouldn't be interrupted by Jason.  When we got home we noticed that Duncan finally is taller than Grandma. 

Jason really likes the marble runs that Grandpa made.  However, he had decided that he had to get every last marble out of the bag.  It was kind of a very autistic sort of way.

My sweet baby in a Santa Hat.  My crazy Sam behind him. 
Good Job Duncan!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No Electronics

The boys decided it was a good idea to take one of the tractor tires out in the road and have a go at it.  Duncan of course was the guinea pig.

Then the girls wanted a turn.

 Yes those are garbage bags.  The boys filled them up with air to try and create and air bag like safety devise.  =)
 Samantha was too little.  She fell on the airbags.  She's a tough chick though.
It was too dark to take video but I tried anyway.  I wouldn't have posted this but the statement at the end is so Tori I had to do it.