Thursday, May 17, 2012


The resident doc wants to just take a look see at Tori's retinas. So we are waiting for her eyes to dilate. Jason is doing some lovely vocal stimming and enjoying the cavelike toy room. Thank goodness!!!

Last day of preschool

I can't believe it's over. We have one more year is preschool. I hope to get him up to the North Ogden Autism Program next year. These fun teachers love my kid though and that is good to know.

Waking him up

I really hate waking him up!  I know I've said this before.  But I really didn't want to wake him up because he was asleep in his own bed.  He stayed asleep ALL NIGHT!!! (Please don't jinx it........know on wood.......)
 He was so not ready to be at school.  He made me carry him into school, and so I put him down on the little couch.  He didn't move. Even when I left.  I hope he woke up a little bit after I left.

Tori's Eyes

So the reason that Brett recorded the concert is because I was on the phone with the On Call at the Moran Eye Center.  Tori's eyes have been hurting, and I thought it was just allergies.  She said it felt like there was something in it, so I pulled up her eye lid and told her to look around.  There was something weird with her eye and it freaked me out.  So I called the on call.  I finally hung up after half the concert was over.  The doctor called me back during the 2nd to last song.  She wanted to see Tori so we split up the kids with Grandma and Grandpa Child and headed up to the center.  The whole way, Tori was sure she was going to go into surgery this time.  Usually she isn't too worried, but she really was having some anxiety.

We met the on call down on the main level.  She put some dye in Tori's eye, numbed it and checked her pressures.  She checked Tori's vision, which is a little worse than before, and than looked at her through the microscope.

Good news is she only has a bacterial infection.  What I was seeing was her eye swelling, and the buckle (I think) was making her eye fold.  WEIRD!!!!

She has eye drops and I get to go see Dr. Dries with her today.

Duncan's Orchestra Concert

Brett recorded the concert on his phone.  As soon as I get it I will post it.

But to give you some violin here is my son sight reading Oh Danny Boy.  My Dad couldn't wipe the grin off his face.


Another broken iPad.  I'm hoping that it still works, but it appears to have liquid in it.  sigh.......Jason knows how to cost us money.

Piano Lessons

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No the time on my thermostat is not right, but the temperature is. We need to get the water going through the swamp cooler soon.

He just woke up.

I guess I shouldn't have taken the iPad out from between his legs.


I love this swing. Jason must not be feeling good. He is struggling with something because he was throwing fits for the last two days. I didn't push him out the door to preschool. We were taking it slow. This is where I found him. Yes....I'm going to let my poor baby sleep.

Saw this on Facebook

It really is how I feel. :)


Mom, Dad, and Leslie came to watch the last few minutes of the game. We headed over to paves for a celebratory ice cream.

Soccer game

Duncan had another soccer game yesterday. Grandma Siddoway packed us a picnic so we spread out the blanket and enjoyed the game. Well everyone but Jason.

The games are getting more and more enjoyable to watch. It's nice that the boys can actually play.


Brett helped Dick with the fence around the pool yesterday. Hopefully Dick was able to have some anxiety eased about getting it finished.

Yes I made Brett do the mustache picture.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hanging after school.

Mothers Day!

Mother's Day I woke up to breakfast it bed.  The kids always make so much more than I will ever eat!  Mush (Cream of Wheat), Cinnamon bread, eggs, and milk.  We got ready for church and had an enjoyable Sacrament Meeting.....well that is until Jason started yelling.  I had Brett take him outside and told him is diaper was soggy.  He than took Jason out to he van and changed him.  Jason thought he was going home.  That was the end of church for me.  I didn't even go to Nursery.  He was having a pretty major melt down.  I talked to so many people who told me how awesome and patient I was.  An old lady from another ward told Jason he needed to settle down because it was Mother's Day and he needed to say I'm sorry to Mama.  Thought that was cute but irrelevant for the situation.  Someone in our ward stopped to talk to me and see how Jason was doing. The old lady who talked to Jason before came back over and said, "I'm sorry!  I was eaves dropping.  My Great-grandson is probably Autistic.  They want to have him tested.  What should they do."  There really is a reason for me to be as vocal as I am about our fun family life.  I know my family gets tired about hearing about it.  I get tired about hearing about it.  But there is a reason.

Jason and I spent the last 2 hours of church walking around the church.  I had to finally put him on my shoulders so that he couldn't lay down and throw a fit.  He finally calmed down and Duncan came up to me and took Jason.  He said, "I'm walking home and I'm taking Jason with me.  This is the picture of us driving by.  He really is a sweet kid.
 My Nephew is just a few months older than Jason.  For a long time he tried to get Jason to play with him, but he has started to discover that he isn't so normal.  He kind of quit trying to play with him, and it broke my heart.  Someone told Mitch to tell Jason to give him 5.  It was so sweet.  Maybe they will be friends, someday.

 We got outside to go home, and Jason saw Jeff's motorcycle.  He wanted to get on it.  So I told Jeff he was giving Jason a ride.  I kind of didn't give him an option.  Jason and Jeff went for a short ride around the block.  Once he got back I took him off and told him to give Uncle Jeff a kiss and say thank you.  He gave Jeff a kiss and immediately tried to get back on the bike.  Apparently he thought that would get him another ride.
The girls both made me some fun presents for Mothers Day.  I will take a picture of them and post them as soon as I can.  Happy Late Mother's Day to everyone!!!

Mowing Lawns

Saturday after the game Duncan got to mow the Grandparents Lawns.  So much fun is had while he is working.


I love this picture!  Duncan had a soccer game on Saturday.  I don't have any pictures of the game, but I do of a couple of my sweet kids!!

Facebook has been good to us.

Free Dog....check
Free Swimming Pool for the summer...check
Free fence so that said Dog and Jason cannot get in by themselves....check!!
Thanks Jackie and Brent Page for helping us with our summer plans!!!

My sweet husband!

Before I woke up on Saturday Brett had made 4 loaves of bread and a batch of biscuits.  Which by the way Jason loves!  Must be the crumbliness of the biscuits.  =)

Sam passed off her State Capitals!!

Poor Sam!

She has a rash all over her face.  I thought it was from her medicine that we just put her on.  It turns out it probably was from the 15 minutes I had them help out in the yard the other day.  She must have gotten into something that just kicked her butt.  It's starting to look better with some Claritin and an Eczema rash cream that we have.

The things we do for this kid

Well at least he has fallen asleep in his own bed in his own room 3 nights in a row now.

Daddy is such a fun toy!


I found this wonderful recipe for Enchiladas on Pintrist.  When I find the link I'll get it to you, but here it is.

You put stew meat in the crockpot with a can of Enchilada sauce and 2 bullion cubes, I actually used a can of beef broth this time and it worked well.  Cook for 8 hours.

When it's finished and all the meat is tender put it in the mixer with your cookie paddles.  
 It works really well in shredding up the meet with out having to spend all that time with a fork.  Although don't got too long or it will end up as mush.
 After that is done go ahead and assemble your enchiladas.  We put the meat, cheese and a little of the left over sauce inside.  Once it's combined put it in the your dish and smother in the remaining sauce.  Put it in the oven so that the cheese melts and you are done!