Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day Weekend

I haven't posted in a few days. I've been a little busy....

Friday I got my hair cut. Not anything drastic. I just got the dead ends cut off and had my face waxed.....ouch!! At the very end of my haircut, I got a phone call from Duncan telling me they couldn't find Samantha to walk home. I asked him if they had had the office page her, which they had. I told him to run home, and see if she left them. She has been running ahead because she has had to go to the bathroom as soon as she gets home. So I got another phone call from home, maybe 8 minutes later telling me she wasn't there. This girl is going to kill me! I knew I would be meeting them as they walked in the door, but sheesh!! I had her cut the hair style short and ran out the door. I called Brett, and told him. He said to call the cops, which I had a feeling Samantha was ok, just hiding. He said he'd be on his way. I finally remembered I had Samantha's teachers number on my cell, so I quickly called that. She told me Samantha had been in and out of her classroom a couple times after school and was on her way home. I called Brett and told him that she was ok, and not to come home. Then raced as fast as I could to get home. As I got to the busy road the kids have to cross to get to school I Samantha walking down the road with a lady I didn't recognize. She had been crying on opposite side of the busy road and this woman had seen her. She didn't make her get in her car but was going to walk her home. We've had many discussions of late about getting lost......

Friday night Brett went to "Manly May" with my Dad, Brother and Brother's-in-law. They drove to "Man-dover" (Wendover) and spent the night at a casino and had a good time. Brett came home no money lost, but quite refreshed.

Duncan helped our neighbor across the street lay sod on Saturday. He's a sweet kid and was helping to get service hours for scouts. The girls ended up over digging weeds, and I made Brett go help finish up.

Brett bought me an ice cream maker for mother's day. I'm very excited! Since we were going to be having dinner at my mother's house, he made me some ice cream!

Then there was the soccer game. They were spanked! I can't even tell you how many points the other team scored. They were ROUGH and they took out our keeper in the first 10 minutes. The ref's were a bunch of teenage boys and thought that ok..... I brought the portable DVD player and Jason just hung out by his stroller the whole game. It was LOVELY! The girls went over to feed the horses. Made for quite the enjoyable game.
The kids made me flower necklaces for Mother's Day at church. They were very sweet!!
Then we stopped at the cemetery and put flowers on Granny's and Geri's graves. The kids were cute and fought over who got to place the flowers. We weren't 100% were Geri's grave was so we sent the kids searching. They actually really enjoyed that!

Then we played at my mothers for the rest of the night. Quite entertaining. And!! just a side note, I didn't change one stinky diaper yesterday! I think that was the best present of all! Thanks Dear!!!
And of course here is a little video of Duncan's soccer game.

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