Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Painting, Dance, Missing Tooth, Cleaning, and Tired boy.

My Mom got a new shift so she is working 4am-12:30pm. I would hate it but she is sooooo excited. She came down around 2:00pm and started painting the girls mural again. It will get done someday.
The girls had Hip Hop yesterday. I went to pick them up and Tori had a cup of water, and asked if I wanted a drink. Of course I was VERY suspicious. I looked in the cup and there was a little tooth in the bottom of the cup. I looked at Tori and asked her if it was her tooth. Then Samantha smiled and I could see that it was her tooth. As you can see she is still missing a lot of teeth. Will they ever grow back???

I asked the kids to clean the frontroom for me. Tori was sweet and put on an apron and went to town.
Duncan tried to find any excuse possible to not clean. I even had to show him how the cushions went on the couch. He makes me laugh, he'll mow the lawn with out balking but ask him to pick up the house and it's like pulling teeth.
Samantha advised me more then once that she was like a maid. This was said with a big smile on her face so I didn't feel too bad about it.

Jason was on his mattress by our bed until he was almost asleep. He stood up with his eyes not quite being able to stay open and whined until I picked him up. This boy has me wrapped around his little finger. He's such a cute little thing though.

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Grandpa Sid said...

Way to go guys. Keep up the good work. Love to think that you are keeping your house looking great. The mural is looking good.