Tuesday, April 30, 2013

December 31st

We had a great day on New Years Eve.  I love when Jason likes my kisses.

We went to Grandma and Grandpa Siddoway's for the Christmas Party and Jason desperately needed to get away from the HUGE crowed that is Brett's family!

I love how much Alaric loves my kid.  

The small group of girls in the family.  Samantha loves all of them.

Since we were all together we had to celebrate the December birthday's.  Jason LOVES the fire on the cake.  As soon as he hears us start to sing he comes a running.

Poor Duncan.  He was being obnoxious so I went to cover his mouth and popped him in the nose.  I'm such an awesome mom.


This is the present that Aunt Sharlene made for Jason.  I can't believe how much work she put into it, but Jason loves it and that made Sharlene love giving it to him.

After opening gifts the kids went downstairs to "play".  I think it ended up being Zombies against Soldiers and Jackson was just a little tougher then Duncan and pushed him into a wall.  He ended up with a big goose egg on his elbow so I ran him down to Lisa's house to have her check him out.  He didn't end up breaking it but I'm so grateful that Lisa puts up with me.  

Before the Ball dropped I was supposed to make sure the boys were awake.  We missed it.  The girls and I were finishing up watching a movie.  The boys were all crashed when I went in to tell them we missed the ball.

But me and my sweet girls stayed up and we shared a fun evening.

December 30th

I crocheted some head bands for another niece for Christmas.  She is not much of a girly girl but does enjoy putting her hair back.  Samantha was my little model for the day.  I think the rose is very cute!

December 28th

Duncan got a video capture card for Christmas.  He and his Dad actually ordered in on Christmas because Duncan had a specific requirement.  It came this day.

So did my lens that goes on my phone.  I love it!

Jason did enjoy the snow this year.

Monday, April 29, 2013

December 28th (Jason's a monkey)

This is a picture I took of my sisters house when I went and picked up the kids from her house.  She has a beautiful home, that Jason can not be ignored in.  

On Christmas Eve we were sitting in her family room, and someone looked up and Jason was dangling from the balcony.  He had climbed over the wall and was hanging from the ledge about 12 feet above the floor.  My sweet husband chuckled and started running up the stairs to save our crazy boy.  My Dad and I were underneath him dancing around trying to figure out what we would do if he actually let go.  Brett reached him grabbed his hands, and Jason giggled and giggled.  

My heart was pounding out of my chest and Brett was calm as a cucumber.  It's good to have a stable male around my house.

December 27th

I looked back at Facebook to see what my statements were on these.  I truly think he didn't feel good.  He slept forever and then he actually sat and watched tv twice.  I don't think he ever sits and watches tv so that's my thoughts.

Friday, April 26, 2013

December 25

We had a good Christmas.  The best part was just being together and having family around us.

And of course here is my threat coming true only 4 months later.  Duncan is singing Justin Beiber on his cousins karaoke machine.  I love that his voice is too low to even remotely hit all the notes that Beiber sings.

This is the gifts that Brett made for our parents.  They are prints made from linoleum blocks that Brett carved.  Then of course he made the frames.  I love my husband!!

December 24th

We spent Christmas Eve at Leslie and Jon's house again this year.  We actually sat around the tree and sand Christmas Carols.  

I thought this looked cool.  Grandpa's bird house covered in snow.  This winter was definitely white.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

December 23rd

My boys at church.  Look how sweet they are.

Grandpa Child, Duncan, and Jason on the couch.  I had to come out of Sacrament Meeting to see if Dad needed help with Jason and I found them like this.

My husband LOVES hounds tooth.  I had this shirt already and then Tori found this dress at Dress Barn, and so when I saw this hounds tooth coat at Kmart it just had to be done!

Look at my strange kid.  Tee hee!

I finished K.J.'s doll.  Samantha had to pose for me.  I love this girl! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

December 22nd

Brett made me an organizer for my jewelry.  Since I started at Dress Barn I have acquired a lot of jewelry. The frame has screen in it so that I can put my earrings in it   Love my hubby.  

Then it was the Child Family Christmas party.  We had it at the Milne house and we did a "Minute to Win It"  theme.  The Lutz family had an advantage with the kids being a little older they were a little more successful.  My sister Leslie told me that we all needed to where team colors.  I decided that we were a pretty "White Trash" family and we brought Pennies.  =)

Jason found a viking hat and he wore it for quite a while.  He loves Kristen and Chad's basement because there is just free space to run.

I gave Lauren her doll.  They had gone skiing that day so she was exhausted, but she loved it.  That sweet smile was worth every minute it took to make it.

Jeff tried to get the kids to trick Grandpa.  Unfortunately it didn't work.  Grandpa got out of the predicament quickly.

Little L loves Brett!  He loves that Brett will throw him around just like his own Daddy.

Friday, April 12, 2013

December 21st

This was how we woke up.  I love when he wakes up and smiles at me.  He's such a sweet boy.

Dress Barn did a fundraiser bake sale.  I can't even remember what it was for, but I made cookies.  I made "Extra Reindeer Noses".  There were 8 brown frosted cookies and 1 red with sprinkles.  I thought it was a really cute idea.  =)

And you know it's sad when you're so excited about a gasoline coupon that you take a picture of the price of gas.  Even more sad.....that it's still almost $3.00.

December 20th

Jason got to see Santa again at his School party.  I didn't really worry about taking another picture, Brett was with me.  Jason was just enjoying running around the lunch room.