Monday, December 10, 2012

October 22nd

I swear this kid would be naked in sub-zero weather.  

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

October 20th

After Duncan got home from his camp out we went up to Grandma and Grandpa Siddoway's.  They weren't home, but we hung out anyway.

Jason loves BBQ chips!

Tori just chills out and watches T.V. 

Samantha always looks at me like I'm nuts.   
 Brett made me some things to hold my jewelry.  We wanted to show it off.  The frame has window screen in it so I can hang any of my earrings from it.  The other is for my necklaces and bracelets   Now that I have to have accessories, it is quite helpful.

October 19th

In Arizona Tori told me she was seeing spots.  Stan offered his Optholmologist, but we opted to wait until we got home.  When Tori said that they were still there I set an appointment with Dr. Bernstein and had her checked out.  

Checking the pressures in her eyes.

Waiting for her eyes to dilate.

She is having migraines.  She is seeing spots because of those.  More to worry about.  sigh....

Janice and Dick watch Jason for me.  He spent almost the whole day under there desk.  He loves small spaces.

That night my Dad called to see if Duncan could help move logs.  He was at a scout camp out so the girls helped instead.

Jason wasn't much help.   

Monday, December 3, 2012

October 18th

Tori had an orthodontist appt on the 18th.  She seems to actually enjoy this most of the time.

Jason could play in the dentist chairs the  whole time.

This day really was frustrating. Jason cried forever.  I'm not sure what was going on, but all of a sudden.....

He was doing this.  I love this kid.
 I also had a Dr.'s appt with my Cardiologist this day.  I had to bring Jason and this is how he rode the elevator.  He makes me giggle sometimes.  He was hyper and psycho and I'm pretty sure that the Cardiologist could see why my blood pressure is high.

October 17th

We got home from our vacation and Jason wasn't doing very well. I took him into the Dr. and he had pneumonia.  Gotta love this kid.