Saturday, May 29, 2010


We got the BEST toy for the kids today. A great big blow up ball, where you climb inside and roll around. I saw it at Costco and thought of Jason. However, the other kids can play in it too, and as you can see they all love it!!!

Jason was on a roll today. He was quite a pill. He took two baths because he got so filthy. He dumped red punch on my carpet. I think I got it all out, but I might be borrowing my mothers carpet cleaner. He dumped the corn chips down the stairs. He put a bunch of my shampoo and soaps in the toilet and then shut the lid. He was jumping on the trampoline, and before anyone blinked he was through the garage. The below picture was him at his mellowest. I'm soooooooo glad that he is finally asleep.

Brett started our firepit today. It's going to be a lot of fun. I'm very excited for this summer. Brett gets to play a brick mason, which is new for him. He's really enjoying the new experience, as well as understanding why mason's have knee pads. The bottom layer has to set up and then Brett will be adding the brick to the top on Monday.

Our neighbor Jake finally got that stinking stump out of the ground. Only a bunch of little roots, but that tree wasn't going anywhere. He took a firemans jack and slowly worked the tree up and out of the ground. Now to figure out how to get the darn thing out of the back yard.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


My 2:00am bedtime is really not working for me. I'm trying to just take care of the kids and be a Mom because Jason doesn't like me to work. However I've gone to bed every night at 2:00am. Then I'm not able to move in the morning. I did get up to do hair and then promptly fell back to sleep. Thank goodness no destruction occurred this morning. Jason mainly sat on top of me. It's amazing how I can sleep through just about anything.

There was a very long train that ran by the house today. I checked on Jason and he was looking out his window. I'm glad it was a long train or I wouldn't have got this picture.

Duncan and Tori had their water fight at school today. If they meet their AR goal they get to have a water fight during PE. Samantha will get to have hers tomorrow.

Tori had her 4th grade program. She did AWESOME!!! She sang a solo and also sang in the a small choir. She was so relaxed during her solo, I was quite impressed. She sounded beautiful. She hit every note right on, and didn't seem to even care that she was singing to a huge room full of people. I think she has a future. We'll have to get her to sing a solo or two in church. The kids favorite part of the program was 3 boys lip syncing "16 tons". Tori has talking about that all week. Here are the videos. I hope you enjoy!!

As a side note, I ended up with a stow away in my van on the way to the program. I told the kids to hurry and get in the car, I wanted to get good seats so that I could record Tori's solo. Tori giggled all the way to school. I asked her if she was nervous. To which she promptly replied, "No!" I assumed she was just dealing with the butterfly's in her stomach. I stopped at a stop sign and Curtis, Duncan's friend, popped up out from behind the back seats. He ended up staying and helping Duncan torment Tori. They just couldn't resist making her laugh.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I had a physical this morning. Always nice. I got blood drawn, a tetanus shot and all sorts of stuff. So far so good, my blood pressure is way below what it usually is, and now I just have to wait for the lovely news about my cholesterol.

Jaosn's black eye is coming along nicely.
Samantha had ballet and tap tonight. I told her that Duncan had scouts and I was going to have to pick her up a little early tonight. She asked me if I could pick her up before they started tap dance. I asked her why? She said, "Mom, we have to practice over and over and over again, and it just hurts my feet." That's my girl.

Tori took Jason into the back yard for me for that hour, I got a little work done thank goodness. Jason really just wants my attention every minute of every day.

Duncan received his Scout badge at the Court of Honor tonight. He also led the Scout Law. He was very excited and he loves being a scout!!

Jason was so excited that while Duncan was pinning me with the mother's pin he got up on the piano and did a little serenading for him. Nothing is more respectful then a two year old pounding on the piano. That was just AWESOME!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I stayed up until 2am last night getting work done. Jason really doesn't like me to work. Then I woke up at 5:30am with Jason crying. He wasn't ready to get up so we got him to go back to sleep. The problem is I have an ear infection. I know because I couldn't lie down, it hurt too much. That and the fact that there is a continuous buzzing in my ears. Poor Jason, it's been a while since I've had an ear infection but I'm now very empathetic to what he goes through. I took some motrine and thank goodness it kicked in pretty quick. I've been groggy and tired the rest of the morning, but no pain yet. Just uncomfortable pressure. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so I'm going to wait until then to get a prescription.

I lounged around today. I don't know if it's been the ear infection or just plain exhaustion. The kids are home from school, and I haven't done anything. What a non-productive day.

I did however make ice cream. You know, it's like sitting around all day eating bon bon's. Lazy equals the need for ice cream. OK actually, I did buy the ingredients on Friday. I just thought I'd do it today. I found a recipe for Dole Pineapple Whip, and I wanted to try it. My one downfall is I used a can of pineapple juice that I already had in the freezer, and it was not Dole. I'll have to remember that for next time. However, Duncan licked the mixer attachment clean and Tori finished off the last bit in the bowl. It's not too bad.

Duncan had try-outs again. Brett picked up Samantha on the way home and then changed and took Duncan out the door. I might see him around 7:30pm.
My sister Traci bought Sam this cute outfit. I wanted to take a picture of it before she ran outside to play in the sand box.
Tori got her leg stuck in the couch yesterday. Yes, the couch. I heard her screaming from downstairs, "Help ME!" I ran downstairs and she had stood up on the couch and her leg had slipped behind on of the wooden cross pieces. She thinks it's bruised so she had to put some ice on it today.
I took this picture right before bed time. Isn't his eye turning a beautiful shade of purple.
****Note to self, do not buy Jordan Almonds to have around the house. Candy + Crunchy=Jason's favorite. Sweet, and some intense sensory input means he climbs up on my desk to get them out of my cupboard, and then of course they aren't exactly the safest candy for a 2 year old to eat. They are however, my favorite candy.****

Monday, May 24, 2010


It snowed this morning. Isn't summer supposed to be here soon? Please???? I'm begging!
Jason and I took a nap today! Lovely!! It was not intended but, he takes so long to fall asleep that most of the time, I'm not far behind him.

Tori and Samantha had Hip-Hop. They only have one more Hip-Hop practice before the recital. Strange, the days just seemed to be whizzing by.

Tori is the student of the week this week in her class. She said, "Mom, there are lots of people who like me. A lot of them said they'd like to get to know me better." Her teacher has everyone write a nice letter about the student of the week. I'm pretty sure all of Tori's issues are in her head. Counseling here we come.....

Samantha was ready to run and play as soon as we got home from dance. I ended up with a bunch of kids from the neighborhood at my house while Samantha was over at a friends house.

Jason was swinging in his swing, in his room, and smacked his head on the shelf. He's got a HUGE goose egg. He cried for about 2 minutes, and then was back to normal. That's my boy!

Duncan had try-outs for soccer. I think this year will be a positive one. Hopefully it won't take too much of our time!!!!


Sunday was a day of exhaustion and attempting to stay awake. Jason didn't sleep well Saturday night so Brett and I struggled with our energy level. We went to church, and enjoyed the lessons. We had some really good speakers too.

Brett is conducting the ward choir so we all had to stay. Brett is running a little short on singers. Tori was a big help and kept an eye on Jason. Samantha also helped a little. Duncan is my little tenor. He's trying.

We ran up to Grandma and Grandpa Siddoway's house to get some brick for a project that we are going to be doing for the summer. I dropped Brett and Duncan off and then pulled out of the drive way to go to my Mom's house. Jason cried for 40 minutes. He was ticked!!!! We went to Grandma and Grandpa's house and didn't go inside!!! I think he is really missing them.

Then we ate dinner and had birthday cake for my Grandma and Brett. I owe Brett a chocolate cake. One year grandma bought carrot cake, this year it was spice cake. Not Brett's favorite. I will have to get on making him a good one!


Saturday was a bit crazy!! Duncan had to be up at the crack of dawn to get to the church so he could go on his 10 mile hike. They went out to Jordan, and Duncan did really well. It really didn't seem to phase him at all. He even left his water pack in the car on the last leg. It wasn't as hot out though. So I'm sure that made a big difference.

Brett and Jake have been trying to dig up that stump for weeks now. It's CRAZY! They tried to blow it up on Saturday. That idea didn't pan out. They will keep trying.
This was going on while we were waiting to see if there would be a big bang or not. I just love this picture.
It was also Brett's Birthday! Happy brithday love!!! We went to Van Huesen to get him a few more dress shirts. Now that he has to dress up at work, and wear a tie everyday he's wanting to build his wardrobe selections.

As you can see, Brett wasn't too thrilled I had my camera
As you can see from the next few pictures the kids were really thrilled to be there too.
Tori was helping her Dad while I took Jason out in the hall.

Poor Jason, I don't know how Samantha can pick him up still.
The kids were ready to leave the store!
Jason was climbing back and forth over the benches. He also dropped his bottle in the garbage can next to them. He kept the kids running.
We went to Traci and John's house for Hallie's Birthday party. They always go all out. The kids had a ball!!!!
The first thing Jason did was go into the bounce house. He's such a sweet boy. He just loved every minute. I couldn't get him to come inside, even though it was 40 degrees.
Next he tackled the blow up obstacle course. There was no hesitation on his part. He went straight up the ladder. I told John he needed to buy one of those and store it at my house. He didn't seem to agree with me....
Duncan was sweet with his baby brother. He went and played with him for a minute.
The girls loved the bounce house. I don't think I saw Tori do the obstacle course once.

Tori did spent most of her time waiting in line to get her face painted. She didn't go outside until it was WAY to cold.
Jason spent a lot of time just climbing and playing. His feet were purple by the time I convinced him to come inside.
Cotton Candy! Duncan's favorite
Brett pushed Jason on the swing for a good hour. Poor Brett was so cold by the time he finished he almost felt ill.
More cotton candy. I think Samantha had 4 different turns at the machine.
Duncan thinks he's so bad!
This was his I'm a stud look. He was flirting with Traci's nieces who are quite a bit older then he is. I'm in trouble!!!
Tori was a chihuahua. Duncan claims to be afraid of them which is why Tori chose this look.

Samantha is a dalmatian. She has been this every time we have seen this lovely face painting lady. She said she was going to be a chihuahua too, but I told her to use her own head and be what she wants.
Duncan was a princess. He thinks he's so funny!!!


It's been a while since I posted anything. This weekend has been a little crazy! Jason didn't sleep well last week, but he's finally seeming to be back on a routine.

Friday was pretty mild, other then my crazy boy never sits still.
The kids got out of school early, and then the girls had to go to a big Jazz practice with the rest of the girls in Jazz. All students that are in Jazz class are in this one number. The girls had fun and they got their pictures taken with the group as well.

Brett had a meeting with a couple other couches to discuss what will be coming next year. I think they have come up with a good way to have a successful year, that won't cost as much. There also should be 4 coaches total so maybe their will be less stress for Brett.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Play Group, Painting, Neighbors, Music, and Dance

Jason and I had a hard time waking up yesterday morning. I wasn't really sure we were going to make it to Playgroup on time but we were successful. Jason does really good with the schedule strip. He really understanding what they want him to do. He sat through circle time pretty well. He really likes the train song. He smiles every time we do the actions to that one. They have a bubble machine and instead of jumping up and running through them as the other kids do, he lays down and lets them fall on top of him. Kind of a funny reaction if you ask me.

We then played with the play dough. Jason is my artsy boy. He loves anything that he can create with.
I love the look on his face here.
Then Kerianne pulled out a tent and tunnel. He wanted to just sit in the tunnel and hang out. Of course there were three other kids there so that wasn't quite as successful as he wanted it to be. He actually participated in his own way though. The last time he wouldn't even look at the kids.
We got home and Mom came over to do some more painting. She isn't liking the way the backward sunflower is looking so she will repaint that to be a forward facing sunflower. The girls get excited everytime they come home and it's been added to. Jason and I sat on the girls beds and watched Mom paint. Jason was enthralled, and then he wanted to help. He was so cute, he kept crinkling his eye brows and bighting his lip as he watched Grandma paint.
I finally got Jason down for a nap, and the kids were home from school. Our new neighbor came over and we talked on the front porch until Brett came home from work.

Brett let me jump back into working at this point and made dinner. Right before he had to run to a stake music meeting. The poor guy has had more stuff to do after work this week then ever. He wants me to go to the Organ lessons. Ya, right!!!!

Tori had Ballet and Tap while Brett was at his meeting. I'll be glad when we finally get a good break.