Thursday, June 28, 2012

Brett's Birthday

We weren't planning on doing anything for Brett's Birthday but we received a gift card for Texas Roadhouse.  My In-laws took Jason and we got a bit of a night out.  It was a lot of fun and of course Brett had to sit on the saddle.  =)


This is why you can't let Jason just run.  He gets to places you don't want him to be before you can blink an eye.

Duncan's Pictures

I have a pretty handsome boy!!!


At the baby blessing my brother brought a shadow box so we could watch it.  It was really cool to see it, but than everybody wanted to turn around and look at the sun.
We left there and headed to Grandma and Grandpa Siddoways.  I figured if anyone would have something we could look at the eclipse Grandpa would.  He didn't........

However the neighbors did!!  So we were able to take turns at looking at the eclipse.

It was pretty cool!

Baby Blessing

We were invited to my sisters babies blessing on May 20th.  We had tried to get Jason to sleep before the blessing, but he wouldn't.  After all was said and done, the boy finally crashed.

One of my puppies

Grandma's Tub

Grandpa had started getting the pool ready but Jason couldn't get in it.  I took him downstairs in Grandma Siddoway's and filled up her giant tub.  He was ok after this.

He had dropped a bar of soap in the tub.  I didn't even think about it until the bubbles were out of control!  Again...he loved it!!

Neighbors Birthday

The girls went to the neighbors Birthday party.  They had fun and had their faces painted so they wanted pictures.  Samantha is using her fish like the numbers on the bottom of a mug shot.  Lovely!!

Dr. Bernstein

I'm sorry!  Life is over whelming and I rarely make it downstairs to blog anymore.  I've been blogging from my phone, but the problem is, there has been so much to tell, it was just too crazy to type it out all on my phone.

So.....Having seen Dr. Dries, we set up an appointment with Dr. Bernstein.  We drove back up to the Moran Eye Center on Friday.  Tori just takes it all in stride.
 Well....then she was poked and prodded.  Her pressures were good, and she was just a little sore.
 We finally got to see Dr. Bernstein and he advised us that her Scleral Buckle was exposed and there were a few options.  He said that this doesn't happen very often, so he was surprised it had with her.  However I figure if it's going to happen to anyone it's going to be Tori.  The options 1) to leave it alone.  Really not an option.  2) try and stitch it up which doesn't really work. and 3) Take out the buckle and stitch it up then.  Sigh....stock up another surgery for Tori.
 We had to have a close up picture of the problem area. So she went and put her cute face in another contraption and they took a close picture.
They letme take a picture of the picture, so this is what it looked like.  She basically had a tear in her eye??  It might have been the muscles or connective tissue but, she had a hole.
She was scheduled for surgery a week later.

Duncan's last Orchestra Concert

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tori's Eye

This is a picture of us leaving Dr. Dries office.  I will tell you the drama of this lovely experience.

As you know we went to the Moran Eye Center after hours on the 16th. Which was a Wednesday.  The lovely little Resident Doctor told us that Tori just had a bacterial infection, but we would need to go to see Doctor Dries the next morning.  Just in case.

 AWWWWW......Relief.  But there is still a question in the back of my mind.

We go and see another Resident Doctor who looks at Tori's chart and info from the previous night.  He looks at her and have a bacterial infection.  Here's a new perscription and Dr. Dries is going to see you now.  By the way this is about 1 hour later.

Dr. Dries comes in and says are you....shake my hand...yada yada.  He says.  "I hear you have a bacterial infection?"

I looked at Dr. Dries and said, "Dr. Dries...........I wouldn't have rushed Tori up here after hours because of Pink Eye........What is concerning me is what appears to be a tear in the top part of her eye ball."

He takes a look.....BINGO!!!  Finally the man who knows something about eyes!!!!

He looks at me and says, "Well Mrs. Lutz that is a man made material you are seeing.  That is the Scleral Buckle and it has become exposed."

To which I responded. "So I'm not crazy!!"

He smilled and said, "Mrs. Lutz....look at me.....I don't know if you are crazy or not....but you are right about this....she will probably need surgery."

Thank goodness for men with a sense of humor.

She got an appt with Dr. Bernstein the next morning.  I will blog about that when I have more than 5 minutes.