Friday, May 29, 2009

Blog Award

Weird!!!! My friend Jaymie over at Mislaid Musings and Random Ramblings gave me a blog award!!! I know this is one of those things I'm supposed to pass on but I'm not sure I get how it all works, so I'm just going to say thank you, and post her blog.

Again Thanks!!!!!

Gotta Love Show and Tell

Samantha has show and tell today. More homework for Mom. Well, it's "Y" day., and what do you bring for show and tell that begins with the letter "Y"? I don't have anything, so we had to make something. It came to me in my "is it really morning all ready?" stupor. A Yellow Yarn Doll. Samantha is ecstatic! She loves her new doll. It's amazing how cool she thinks I am with something as simple as a yarn doll.....Gotta love 5 year olds.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Soccer Tryouts

Today Duncan had soccer tryouts. He did really well! He actually ran, which is quite an accomplishment for him. He's gained some love of the sport recently, so we are doing it again. I thought we'd be done with soccer this year but Duncan has decided to continue. Of course poor Brett is porbably going to end up coaching again. Sorry BABE!!!

The rest of the kids played on the play ground. That seems to be all we do of late. Soccer, Park, Soccer, Park. Oh, well. The kids had a ball! As you can see, the only pictures I got of Sam are at the top of the slide. That girl just doesn't care if I'm watching or not. She just loves to go, go, go!!

Tori's Story

Tori typed out this story yesterday. I thought I would share.

One night I walked on the shore. I saw a ship.

“A pirate ship?” I said, in shock.

I fainted; when I woke up I was on the pirate ship.

“You’re a pirate.” the captain said.

I saw my friends Jacia and Nicole.

“Hi!” I said.

We learned about cabin fever, it makes you go crazy.

“I miss my mother and father.” I said.

“Me too!” said Jacia and Nicole together.

That night I met Long Silver John the cook.

I said, “Hello my name is Victoria.”

“Do you want anything?” he asked.

“No thank you.” I said.

That morning we heard “Land hoe!”

Long Silver John said, “When nightfall comes, we kill them all.”

I told the Captain there plans. When we got there we found treasure.

“Ya yahoo rule! Celebration!”

Suddenly attack!! Clank, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, crash, um um, I am dead! I was so scared. I will fight the leader, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, oh no not him. This is evil, clank clank. We won, we won yaaaaaaaaaa! We can go home and we live happily ever after as long as they live.

The End

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Daddy and Duncan

Duncan has decided that he is going to move bedrooms. The only free bedroom in the house really isn't a bedroom right now because there is no closet. So Daddy and Duncan are now my "Handy Men". They threw up some 2X4's and even used a 22 shell powered nailer to nail the wall into the floor. I love these guys!
Safetly first!!
Helping Dad with the hammer.The first hit of the 22 shell powered tool.
Now Duncan wants a turn. I love responsible fathers. =)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Jason Signs!

Jason signed Please!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! He tries really hard to say please, but it just comes out as EEEEEEEES. Which is obviously pretty close. But, today he actually signed it too. Maybe, just maybe, we'll start communicating with my baby boy!

Happy Memorial Day

Today our city always has a Memorial Day Breakfast. The kids talk about it all year!!! I'm not sure what is so fascinating about eating Breakfast at the park, but the kids love it.

Brett waiting in line for Breakfast while the kids play at the park.

Jason has absolutely no fear!!

Duncan swinging!

I don't know what Tori is doing. She's being her silly self though.

Jason going the wrong way up the slide!

Tori and Samantha on the swings. I'm so glad they both know how to pump now, I don't have to push the whole time we are at the park anymore.

Jason loves to slide!

More waiting for Brett, this time for Duncan and Tori to climb the rock wall.

Duncan bragged the whole time that he was going to reach the top. I told him to be careful, and it was harder then it looked. He made it about half way.

This is the look I got when I asked him if he made it to the top or not.

Tori was less cocky about her climbing ability. She made it about the same distance.

She was more nervous about coming down then going up.

Again, Happy Memorial Day!!!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Samantha is growing up.

I woke up to the frantic excited voice of Samantha.

Sam: Mom I have a wiggly tooth!!!

Me: Sweet!

Sam: I was eating an apple and my tooth hurt so I felt it and it was wiggly!

Me: Good!

Sam: I'm going to get another apple!!!

Yes, apple number 2 did the trick. She has lost her first tooth. The Toothfairy is coming to our house again!

Friday, May 22, 2009

My Hubby's Birthday

It's Brett's Birthday today. He usually doesn't let me take his picture so I snagged this one while he was playing Halo with his buddies this evening. I'm going to try and come up with 10 reasons that I appreciate my Hubby. Not that there isn't 10, just that my mind is blown lately so I might not be coherent.

1. He loves me.
2. He loves our kids.
3. He cooks better then I do.
4. He does dishes and the laundry.
5. He works really hard to take care of me and the kids.
6. He is smiling most of the time.
7. He understands what I need and usually pushes me to take care of myself.
8. He makes me laugh!
9. He is Handy around the house.
10. He still wants me for an eternal companion, even though I think it might scare him just a little bit. =)

Now that wasn't so hard!!! I'm sure I could come up with more, but they would probably be inappropriate.

Love you babe! Happy Birthday!!!

Grandma Siddoway's House

Duncan has been mowing Grandma and Grandpa Siddoway's lawn the last couple of summers so yesterday we ran up there to have him earn his money....=)

Tori and Duncan helped with the yard work and Samantha and Jason played on the play ground. I know, fair huh? I took some pictures with my phone, so here they are!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Water Fight. The girls don't get it yet.

It was hot enough on Monday the kids had there first water fight. The girls aren't good at it yet!

PIP Camp

We spent Saturday up in Ogden at PIP Camp. We were there all day!!! It was quite informative and uplifting. We listened to Justin Osmond and Dr. Wendy Osterling. Justin Osmond was of course a lovely presenter, as well as Wendy.

Justin gave us his schedule growing up. What his mother had to do to get him speaking. The amount of speech therapy he needed. He didn't learn sign until he was 19 years old. He however loves to sign now and thinks he would have benefited from learning it earlier.

Wendy as well didn't learn to sign until later in life. She went through speech therapy for years and still goes for a tune up every now and again. She joined the peace corp and went to Harvard Medical School. She is now a neurologist at PCMC.

They basically both were encouraging us to continue what we are doing and to help the kids do what they want to do in life. To not discourage them if they can possibly accomplish it. To make sure they have confidence to take care of themselves and to be their own advocates in life. This is Jason's friend Paula. He loves her!!

Jason at lunch!
Daddy can't sit down without someone jumping on him.
Samantha loved it! She had so much fun!!! She got to meet our friend
Taylor who is 3 but looks like he is 9 months old. She was very sweet to him. She also is very enthusiastic about signing. She loves everything to do with it.
Tori enjoyed herself as well. She met some new people and had a ball. She isn't quite as into the signing as the others but she wants to learn as well.
Duncan loved every minute of PIP Camp. Especially when his "Crush" showed up around 10:00AM. She was in his classes and he loved it! He's got quite the knack for signing. He remembers so much I'm amazed!As you can see Duncan had a ball. They had some water fun and Duncan and Tori both got soaked. Brett caught a glimpse of Duncan playing Frisbee out the window so I had to get a picture.