Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Zoo

Well....maybe not.....

My plan was to fix the car and then take the kids to the zoo. Nobody informed me that the zoo closes it's gates at 5:00 pm. RUDE!!!

Well, we'll just have to go tomorrow than.

Instead we got dinner and went to this awesome little water park down the road. It's free, and the kids quite enjoyed it.

This was Jason's favorite part. They actually have showers tapped into the side of the bathrooms. He could have stayed there all day. Especially since he figured out how to turn it on.
I'm never sure if Jason likes this kind of thing. Some days he does and some days he doesn't.
Duncan, Samantha and Tori jumped right in. They aren't afraid to have fun!!
Duncan had no problem getting in the water.
Curtis on the other hand wasn't sure he wanted to hang out with a bunch of babies. Duncan made sure that he did.
Tori had to help!
Tori loves cooling off. There is nothing that makes her happier then playing in the water in any form.
Jason decided he was done pretty quick. Brett had to go and get him so that the other kids could play for a minute.
Brett showed him that it was ok, and than Tori took over.
The boys trying desperately to look cool, while surrounded by a bunch of toddlers.
Tori is my maternal little thing. She took Jason's hand and ran him through quite a few of the fountains.
He did enjoy this. He sat down and let himself get drenched.
I think this is my favorite picture. Tori is such a sweet heart!!
Duncan, Curtis, and Samantha were trying to jump over the fountains.
Samantha is so energetic, it is fun to watch her do her thing.
Jason had decided once again that he was finished. Tori got him showered and then brought him over to me.
He hung out on the ground for a while. Warming himself up.
The rest of them lied on the ground and cooled themselves off.
Finally Jason was finished for good, and we headed home.
We will be sure to be visiting this fun little place again! Thanks Nichole for letting us know about it!!!


Well, today I have officially lost my mind!! I decided that I was going to tackle the problem that Brett has been wrestling with for a while. We had a plan of attack so it wasn't as if I was just going to go crazy and destroy everything. I did know what I was supposed to do. I FIXED THE VAN!!!

We had a light bulb issue in the dashboard and it was causing some problems for us. So I opened up the dash and fixed it!

This is all the parts I had to take apart just to get to the light bulb. Sheesh! What it takes to change a light bulb already.
These are what it looked like when I got down to the light bulbs.

I know. It was a little crazy, but fun just the same!! And yes, I got it back together and fixed another problem as well. The windshield wiper fluid was not working so I got under the hood and fixed that as there......=P

Friends pulling together

One of our good friends has cancer and is going through some heavy chemo and radiation therapy. His family will be paying a lot of medical bills we attended a little bar-b-que fund raiser a couple of days ago. It was awesome how many friends showed up. We hope for the best with our wonderful friend, and pray for his recovery!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tori is 11

I can't believe my surprise baby is now 11. How did that happen? Tori was always been a very wonderful little girl. She is so responsible and concerned about everyone around her. Her goal in life is to make sure everyone is happy. She loves animals, and anything that has to do with nature. She always wants to help, with cooking, cleaning, Jason. Whatever it is, she wants to be a part of it. She loves everyone, and always expresses that. She has always been able to make friends with anyone. Even when she was little, where ever we would go, she would come away telling me about her new friends. She is smart, and amazing!!! I love her and appreciate her so much! Love you baby!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Neighborhood Party

Our wonderful friends and Neighbors Stephanie and Mario had the most fabulous party on Saturday. They invited everyone in our ward I swear and it was so much fun!!! There was a firetruck and lots of dessert. The kids got to play with their friends and the adults got to chat with theirs. I can not tell you what fun everyone had.

The kids loved getting in the firetruck.

This firefighter was showing the kids the infrared camera.
I think if the hat had been a little lighter Jason would have tried to keep it.
Yes, Duncan is a cheese Monkey.

After the kids got to see the truck the firefighters hooked the truck up to a fire hydrant and shot off the water cannon. The kids, and Dads, had a ball!!!!!

There was some fabulous fireworks. This was my favorite of the boys. Duncan is a sweet heart. I love how much he loves his little brother. Jason could watch fireworks everyday for the rest of his life.
The girls weren't so sure of the screaming fireworks. However they enjoyed every minute of them.
Thank you Stephanie and Mario. It was AWESOME!!!!

Brett's Projects

Brett had Hawaiian shirt day at work last week. I joked about him making his own, and he decided that was a GREAT idea!
The big boss lady came up to him at work and said, "So I heard you made that shirt yourself?" Brett of course replied that he did. Looking a little stunned, she looked at him and asked, "What else do you make?" Brett replied, "Well I made the chocolate fudge for the ice cream bar."

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Outdoor Camp

Tori went on Monday to Outdoor camp with the Utah Foundation for the Blind and Vision Impaired. She had SOOOO much fun! Tori was not ready for it to be over when I picked her up this morning. Tony, the head of UFB, said that next year they will try and make this camp longer. She was tired and soaked, because it rained almost the whole time. She had a lot of fun, however.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Past Due Posting

Last Friday the older two kids went to Harry Potter with the Grandparents. They were so excited they could hardly stand it. Yes they had me draw lightening bolts on their foreheads.
Samantha was trying to help them make some Harry Potter glasses. She is such a goofball!
I had to get a shot of the happy crew on their way to the show.
Samantha was sad she didn't get to go to the movie. Well she wasn't sad she didn't get to go to THAT movie, but she wanted to do something. So we took her to Panda Express, at her request.