Thursday, June 3, 2010


Yesterday was Samantha's school celebration of her birthday. She told me she wanted to bring donuts. I forgot!! Until about 1:30pm. I ran to Dick's Market, which have the best glazed donuts in my opinion, and dropped off the donuts right as they were finishing up talking about what Samantha's favorite things were. She was VERY excited to see me.
I looked out my window about 4:00pm, and the awesome neighbor boys were working on getting the last stump out. Again, very sweet boys.
Brett is almost done with the fire pit. I'm excited to try it out. We will be able to grill on it as well as do dutch oven cooking or just plain roasting marshmallows. Hopefully we'll be able to do a lot of cooking outside this summer, since cooking inside always heats the house up so much!
Joel watched Jason draw the other day and thinks he is getting visual stimulation with his drawing. He's just to intricate in his drawing, as well as the fact that he will not draw without having his nose to the paper.
I gave Jason a bath yesterday and I got him out, put his diaper on and before I could blink he was running into the bathroom and head diving into the water. He's also figured out how to turn on the water. So I think he was in the tub about 7 times yesterday.

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