Monday, June 7, 2010


Brett got up on the roof pretty early on Saturday. It's time for the swamp cooler to be turned on. The nice thing was, he only had to buy a new belt. Most of the time, it's a new pump or motor or something. Winter can be hard on the swamp cooler.

We have a sweet family in our neighborhood that had a fund raiser yard sale. They had all sorts of goodies, so I sent the kids up to buy some. They had a clown there, and Sam told them her birthday was soon, so he made her this awesome hat!
After Brett got off the roof, he started on the fire pit again.
I think this was the only time that Brett laid down all day. He didn't stop moving until it was dark outside.
We picked up some paver's from my sister Kristen's house. She is moving and doesn't want to bring these with her. We'll make a patio around the fire-pit. It will probably not be too huge but it will be fun.
Here is the finished fire-pit and our soon to be garden. They got it leveled and all the dirt turned over. Jake has access to a bunch of nice top-soil, so we'll get some of that soon. Then the Stahle's have a farm so we can get some manure from them. We'll have to get both of these done soon because planting season is almost 1/2 over.
We roasted marshmallows in the new fire-pit. It was a lot of fun, and the kids are REALLY excited about this summer.
Sam loves Marshmallows!
Duncan went to a leadership training for scouts her wore his shirt all day, and was proud of his Trained patch he gets to put on his uniform. At least when I finally think about it!
Duncan's Double Decker S'more.
Tori had to have one too.
Jason woke up at 3:00am and didn't go back to sleep until 5:30pm. He woke up while we were outside. He wasn't as thrilled about the S'mores as the other kids.
Samantha has learned how to flip. She's very proud of herself!!

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