Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Yesterday was a day of complete forgetfulness for me. I kind of zoned all day!

We went for a walk, hopefully we'll be doing this a lot all summer. I told the kids I needed to walk the track at the school 3 days a week. I figured if anyone can keep me on a routine they can.

Then of course we came home and played on the slip-n-slide. That was a lot of fun. Duncan again did nothing but Halo until I told him he was done for the day. Then he and his buddies came out of the cave and played in the slip and slide as well.

I tried to get Jason to play with the kids outside, but the whole neighborhood came over once they saw the water. Jason wasn't going to be overwhelmed by the number of people so he kept leaving the yard the kids were in. I didn't get much done yesterday.

Then at about 4:30pm I finally thought about calling the dance school to see what time the girls dress rehearsal was. It started at 3:00pm. Nice! I'm not doing well with schedules lately. I can't stay focused on anything!!!

Duncan had a sleepover with Curtis again. I think this will be a fairly normal part of life now. I remember Jeff having someone sleep over almost every week. That will probably be Duncan.

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