Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Tuesday was a bit uneventful until about 5:00pm. Part of that was because I was REALLY Tired!! I don't know why????

At 5:00pm I realized what time it was and started dinner. We usually don't eat this early, but my sister and her husband were doing their final move into my Mom's house. At 6:00pm we help Kris and Chad move. The kids even helped move some stuff. Samantha hit my dad's truck and got a good gash in her hip. We played at Grandma's house and then Jason started falling asleep in Brett's arms. We got home and Tori called. She's having a lot of fun!


sidskids said...

Hope Sami's hip is okay. Did she have to go to the doctor?

LutzFam said...

So far so good. It's bruising nicely, but it doesn't look infected.