Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Samantha's Birthday!!!

My little Samantha is 7 today!!! 7 years ago on a Sunday I was induced. It all went pretty normal. The biggest thing I remember is my whole family was there. Duncan and Tori were home with Grandma and Grandpa Siddoway, but literally my parents, and all my brothers and sisters and their spouses, were there. All except Berrie she was on bed rest with the twins.

They all decided to go get something to eat and in that time period Samantha was on her way. I told my parents to wait outside the door so that no one walked in. So basically within 5 minutes of having my sweet baby girl she was surrounded with the love of a big family!!! Even sweet Uncle Chad had tears in his eyes as he got to hold Samantha just minutes after her birth.

Such a strange evening, but it was wonderful!

Samantha is beautiful, spunky, smart, courageous, energetic, funny, quirky, helpful, loves to cook, wants to be loved by everyone, doesn't take no for an answer, quick to ask for hugs, and can be the sweetest thing on the planet.

Happy Birthday Baby!!

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Grandpa Sid said...

Happy Birthday Sami, We love you and will talk to you in a while.