Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

Duncan was asked to assist in the opening ceremony at the city building. He got to hold a flag behind the choir. He was so ready to put the flag down by the time the speeches were done. He did well though. He's a sweet boy.
Always gotta love breakfast in the park!
Duncan was helping me with Jason, Tori was pouting.
Duncan was a big helper on Monday!
Samantha got a free Frisbee and didn't want anyone else to hold it. I liked her way of swinging while holding it. It made me giggle.
Duncan being helpful again.
Samantha was playing with Jason while Duncan and Tori tried the climbing wall again.
I tried to get Jason to go on the big climbing wall because he can scale this thing without any problems. He was too interested in the harness to focus on the wall though.
My sweet boy!
Walking home from the park.
Samantha wanted to hit the fish pond. I forgot my wallet so I sent Duncan and Tori back with Samantha to fish. Samantha's tire is flat so Duncan pegged her there.
Jason loved watching Brett brick the fire pit. It's not quite done but almost!!
The girls played with the neighbors while Brett worked in the back yard.
I think Duncan has Strep. He spent the time at Grandma's playing on the computer.
That and trying to beat Uncle Jeff at Wii bowling.
The kids play pretty darn well together.
Jason loves to watch the guitar being played. He has a problem with staying out of the way though.
Tori wanted to ride.
So Duncan had to, too!!!
Happy Memorial Day! Thanks to all the Soldiers! We wouldn't have what we do without you!!!

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