Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Yesterday was quite the day. We had Jean, Paula, and one more lady come over to the house for Jason's transition from early intervention to the preschool program. It was quick and to the point. I can go see the preschool class in action, it should be at Bountiful Elementary. We will start assessments and IEP's in August.

I'm struggling with Jason's intensity, so Brett came home and took me to lunch. It was a much needed break!! Of course in the midst of eating Jason took a bite out of my arm. So that's another thing I have to get him something to salve it. I've gotta buy him some chewlery. they sell it on amazon so I'll be ordering that soon.

Then Joel came over with another guy Brett. Brett wanted to observe. Jason loves to be brushed. Yesterday, it kind of put him to sleep. It was quite entertaining. I told him about the biting as well as his pinching, and he gave me some ideas to help there.

I couldn't take Samantha to dance because Joel came over at 4:00pm. Which is the time that Samantha had to be to dance class. Then Brett got home and started to dig another stump. We have some really sweet teenagers in our area. They'd probably die if they knew I thought they were sweet. They were armed with shovel, pick-ax, and Axe. They helped Brett remove another stump. There is only one more to take out and then maybe we can get this thing figured out.

I took Tori to dance. When it was time to pick her up I brought Jason with me because Brett was still digging. When we got home Brett was gone. I wasn't sure what was going on since Duncan and Samantha were still home, but I called Brett instead of asking the kids. He was over giving on of the guys in our ward a blessing, because he is starting school again. I'm glad my husband can do those types of things. It sure makes you feel good.

Then we went to dinner. Yes, we ate out twice in one day. Something we don't do. But, it was so nice!!! Now back to normal life.

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