Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Camp

Yesterday was pretty fun. We woke up and packed Tori to go to Summer Camp. She has an awesome opportunity to go hang at the National Abilities Center for 4 days.
We drove about an hour to get her to camp. The kids were all excited. My sweet babies were just excited for Tori's fun experience. Samantha was teary eyed all morning because she was going to miss her big sister.

We got there and she was taken to her dorm room. We arrived there first so she got to choose her bed.
We stepped outside to see what she would get to do and this is what we saw. There is a really high rope course she will get to do.
She will get to ride horses.
We took a minute to play on the play ground. Just to give Jason a minute before we got back in the car.

All the kids loved these swings! I advised them they looked like they were in Jason's car seat.

My Friend Marla posted these pictures on FaceBook. The camp will take a lot of pictures but we won't have any until about a week after the camp is over. Also, I sent Tori with my Flip Camera so we'll see if she takes any pictures.

You'd think her mother didn't teach her to do up her pants......oh well.....
Making duct tape wallets.
She got to sail on the lake. Fun! I don't remember ever being on a sail boat.


sidskids said...

Great pictures. Does she know anyone at camp or did she go all by herself?

LutzFam said...

She knew a few kids from the Braille Camp. She also knew one of the girls from their field trip this year.

She just called me and she's sad and misses us. However, i don't think she even thought about it until bedtime.