Monday, June 21, 2010

This Weekend

Saturday started out with Brett rising early and fixing the leak in the sprinklers.
He did a fantastic job and it's fixed. The hole is still not filled in, that will be the next "I'm bored"/X-box minutes project. Unless Brett gets to it first.
Duncan now has a partner in all his projects. Duncan gets things done, Curtis benefits. Actually, if I asked Curtis to go fill the hole just because he like me, he probably would.
The girls Braille teacher stopped by to give them some summer homework. It's pretty simple, and she will give them candy if they complete it. One of the "assignments" is sorting the laundry for Mom. I thought I'd make it as easy as possible. There should be no mix-ups now.
Then we got to go out to Traci and John's again for our Nephews 1st Birthday. They bought this lovely slide and the kids had a ball. It was cool enough, that even Jason started to shiver. Tori was the only one that stayed in the water the whole time.
Just a side note. My Mother over heard Traci's older nieces asking who the boy with his shirt off was. They thought he was cute. =(

Played a little volley ball
Watched the Birthday Boy devour his cake. I love his big brown eyes!
Jason was eating and playing the whole time! He was quite fun!

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