Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The girls went to Braille Camp yesterday. My friend Marla took these pictures and posted them on Facebook. Samantha and Tori both came home so excited! Samantha said to me, "Mom, did you know we get to go back tomorrow?"

Tori's group, The Flames, the one in the purple is Tori's Teen-age "Mentor" for the day.
Samantha's group, The Puppies. Their teenage "Mentor" is the one on the left, if you couldn't tell. Marla says this group was the most fun. The kids bonded really quickly.
Duncan spent most of the day trying really hard not to tell me how bored he was. Then his buddy Curtis came over and I had two slaves instead of one. They both love the Xbox and as soon as the minutes ran out they were upstairs trying to get more. They cleaned out my van. =)

Curtis slept over, so this morning the boys will be mowing the lawn and digging a hole for some more. I like this child slavery thing!

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