Saturday, June 12, 2010

Braille Camp

The girls will be starting Braille Camp on Monday. We went out to USDB for orientation, and the girls came home with canes. I find this a bit on the humorous side. I'm more concerned about them turning into weapons then them actually needing them they way they are intended. However, they will be teaching them a lot of different skills and they will be learning more Braille during the next couple of weeks.

We met some parents of a girl at Woods Cross Elementary. They are in our stake, and Brett says the Dad grew up not far from where he did. I think he said in the 28th ward, if that makes any sense to you Janice. =)

They have a sweet little girl that will be attending the camp as well. She is going into 3rd grade but she is 10 years old. She went on the the Vision Impaired field trip that I wrote about here. So we had met her before. The Mom said she has been told many times that there are two other Vision Impaired girls at the school, but of course they wouldn't tell her who they were. So she was VERY excited to meet us.

Another coincidence, her sister lives in our ward. I'm pretty sure I know who they are but they just moved in recently and I'm still a bit fuzzy. I'll have to double check tomorrow.

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