Monday, June 28, 2010


Yesterday was a good normal Sunday. We woke up around 9ish, and lounged around for a while. we watched a little world cup soccer, and then I got up and got ready for church. If I don't just get up and get ready right away I'm always the last one to finish up.

I also figured out the songs for the rest of the year in Relief Society. We are studying the Gospel Principles this year, so we will be singing quite a few Primary Songs. There is nothing more basic then the Primary.

Jason went to Nursery without any issues. I brought him in sat him in the chair and walked out. Maybe he's adjusting?

Our Relief Society lesson was on the Conference talk given by Elder D. Todd Christofferson, "Moral Discipline". Sounds like a bit of a snooze fest from the title, but I love our teacher. Kathy always puts her heart and soul into her lessons. She talked about following our Moral Compass, and helping our children do the same. Being the spiritually uplifted and intelligent person I am, I made the comment that we can't choose which way the compass points, it always points north. We have to then determine our direction from there. Just like that compass our moral compass will always point to Christ, and we have to choose to follow that direction. (OK, I think I heard that in an institute lesson.......not so intelligent after all.)

Sunday School Brett spent getting ready for our Choir to perform. So I sat in the class by myself. I know a lot of people aren't a fan of Gospel Doctrine, but it has always been one of my favorites. I learn so much from the scriptures. We discussed how Saul wanted to do David in. Sadly, showing my true colors here, I didn't remember that at all! I was quite surprised by that turn of events. I know I attended seminary for all four years. I graduated with a 4 year diploma. But, I don't remember that part of the Old Testament. I guess I'm going to have to start reading that next.

Sacrament Meeting started out entertaining. The meeting hadn't started yet and Brett was sitting up front. He waved me over, but Jason was crawling under the benches. So I just let him, and went up to see what Brett needed. I don't remember what Brett needed, but I do know that Jason made it up to the front of the Chapel, pushing his forehead along the ground.

I got the kids settled and knew we were singing. So, I looked around to see who I could get to sit with the kids for a minute. I had a couple people picked out to ask, but the both left after the Sacrament. Nice....... I took Jason up to the front with me. Expecting the worst. He did really want to get to the organ. He even said please!!! So the whole time we sung our song, I held Jasons hands and bounced him up and down. You'd think that this would distract me. NOPE!! We sounded Beautiful. Even with only three alto's we belted our Alto Solo. It was wonderful.

We then went to Mom's house for dinner. The kids had a good time playing with the cousins. It was nice to just relax in the back yard, and watch Jason jump on Kristen and Chad's trampoline. I've advised my parents they may have to buy one when Kris and Chad leave. My Dad, has been reading a lot about Autism lately. It's kind of funny. I don't know how many times I've told my Parents that Jason it going to need a lot of help, and patience. He's been telling me all about the stuff he's been reading, and trying to tell me what he thinks we should be doing with Jason. He was convinced that we weren't doing anything, and needed to start. Well yesterday we spent some time talking about what we do have going on, his starting preschool in September, and all that Jazz. Maybe he'll really think we are trying.....

My Grandparents came over to the house for dinner as well. Man they are looking beat up. Grandma was in the hospital last weekend, and her ankles are huge!!! She's going to the doctor today, hopefully it's just that she was taken off her water pills.

I think that's it? I blog if I can think of anything else......=)

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